When Criminal Lawyer, Ram Jethmalani Kissed Dharmendra Passionately At His 91st Birthday Party

Famous criminal lawyer, late Ram Jethmalani had once kissed iconic actor, Dharmendra at his 91st birthday party in front of everyone. Check out the viral pictures inside!


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When Criminal Lawyer, Ram Jethmalani Kissed Dharmendra Passionately At His 91st Birthday Party

Iconic criminal lawyer, the late Ram Boolchand Jethmalani, commonly known as Ram Jethmalani, is often regarded as one of India's greatest and most successful lawyers. During his illustrious career, Ram Jethmalani had served as the Chairman of the Indian Bar Council, India's Union Minister of law and justice, and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association. While everyone is aware of the titles and cases he had won, few people know about the fact that he had once kissed iconic actor, Dharmendra in front of the public. Scroll down to know the full story!

For the unversed, Ram Jethmalani was born in Shikarpur, Sindh (part of Pakistan after the partition), on September 14, 1923. During the partition, Ram Jethmalani had come to India with his family. For most of his life, he had tried his best to unite the two countries, as he had always dreamt of seeing Pakistan and India as friends.

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When Ram Jethmalani and Dharmendra shared a passionate kiss

On September 14, 2014, iconic criminal lawyer, Ram Jethmalani celebrated his 91st birthday in Punjab in full pomp. From A-list actors in Bollywood to famous politicians and renowned businessmen and industrialists, many people were invited to the party, as it was a star-studded affair. However, something happened that day which had made Ram Jethmalani's 91st birthday a memorable one for the history books.

Legendary actor, Dharmendra was also invited to the party, and after he had reached there, he had presented a bouquet of flowers to the birthday boy, Ram Jethmalani. However, after exchanging some words and a firm handshake, they got engaged in a passionate kiss.

Pictures of Ram Jethmalani and Dharmendra's kiss

Ram Jethmalani and Dharmendra had locked lips with each other. It was a shocking incident for most of the people, who were present at the party. As no one in their wildest dreams would imagine that Dharmendra and Ram Jethmalani would do something like this with each other. But that was the truth, and it had happened.

As soon as the pictures of the duo engaged in a steamy kiss made their way into the newspapers, television channels, and the internet, everyone found it quite absurd. While some people trolled Ram Jethmalani and Dharmendra for their steamy kiss, some people found it entertaining.

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Why Ram Jethmalani kissed Dharmendra at his birthday party?

If reports are to be believed, Ram Jethmalani and Dharmendra's passionate kiss in front of mega-celebrities and the media was the former's pre-plan. Back in the time, reports were rife that the criminal lawyer had reportedly taken revenge from the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) after they had expelled him from the party over his anti-party remarks. The lawyer knew that BJP was against the concept of homosexuality, which is why he had decided to kiss one of the members of their party. Thus, the lawyer kissed Dharmendra, who had an excellent relationship with the BJP and also served as a Member of the Indian Parliament (Lok Sabha) from 2004 to 2009.

For the uninitiated, it was on September 8, 2019, when Ram Jethmalani had passed away due to prolonged illness at the age of 95.

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