When Famous Criminal Lawyer, Ram Jethmalani Kissed Kishore Kumar's Fourth Wife, Leena Chandavakar

When late iconic lawyer and politician, Ram Jethmalani smooched Kishore Kumar's fourth wife and actress, Leena Chandavakar, in front of everyone at an event. Here's all you need to know about it!


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When Famous Criminal Lawyer, Ram Jethmalani Kissed Kishore Kumar's Fourth Wife, Leena Chandavakar

Over the years, this country has witnessed many successful lawyers, but it's a well-known fact that we will never see a lawyer like the late Ram Boolchand Jethmalani, commonly known as Ram Jethmalani. While he was alive, he served as the Chairman of the Indian Bar Council, President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, and India's Union Minister of law and justice. In his illustrious career as a lawyer, he also fought many cases of some renowned people.

Apart from all the success and titles he had won in his career, Ram Jethmalani is also known for trying his level best to improve the relations between India and Pakistan. The reason behind it is the fact that Ram Jethmalani was born in Shikarpur, Sindh (part of Pakistan after partition) on September 14, 1923. During the partition, he came to India with his family and all his life, and he did everything he could to unite the people of both countries.

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However, apart from winning complex legal cases for his clients to working on lifting Human Rights, one controversial incident brought him some hate from the people. The incident is about the time when Ram Jethmalani kissed Kishore Kumar's fourth wife and actress, Leena Chandavakar, in front of everyone at an event. Here's all you need to know about it!

When Ram Jethmalani and Kishore Kumar's fourth wife, Leena Chandavakar shared a passionate kiss

On February 16, 2015, Ram Jethmalani was invited to The Hum Log Awards as one of the honourable guests. For the event, the iconic lawyer, who is quite famous for his style quotient, opted for a blue suit which he paired with a white shirt. At the same event, legendary singer, Kishore Kumar's fourth wife and actress, Leena Chandavakar was also present. When Ram Jethmalani and Leena saw each other at the event, they greeted each other with a firm handshake and warm greetings. However, everyone got shocked when Ram Jethmalani and Leena shared a passionate kiss seconds after meeting each other. Their kiss made everyone around them a bit uncomfortable, but Ram Jethmalani and Leena were in a little bubble, away from the world, for those memorable seconds.

After the event ended, many people raised multiple questions about Ram Jethmalani and Leena Chandavakar's kiss in public. While some questioned their relationship, others speculated about their affair. However, neither Ram Jethmalani nor Leena paid any heed to the headlines, and soon the matter vanished from everyone's minds. Once in an interview with Indus Scrolls, Ram Jethmalani had shared his thoughts about love, and the famed lawyer admitted that there's no age for love. Reflecting on the long list of his affairs, Ram Jethmalani had said:

"I don't deny enjoying female company. I have had exceedingly intimate relationships with many charming women. There is no cut-off age for love. But sex without emotional involvement is something I don't understand."

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In the same interview, Ram Jethmalani had also talked about his two wives, Durga and Ratna Shahani. The lawyer addressed how he was married at the age of 18 to his first wife, Durga and together, they had welcomed three kids, Rani, Shobha and Mahesh. Ram Jethmalani also talked about his wedding with the lawyer, Ratna Shahani and revealed that they had welcomed a son, whom they had named Janak. Revealing more details about his family, he had said:

"My first love was Dolly, a girl in school, we are still friends. I married Durga when I was a little over 18. I went to meet her with my grandfather and Durga entered the room with her aunt. She didn't even make eye contact with me. When I met Ratna, my second wife, I was taken in by her intelligence as a lawyer. We married secretly on the eve of Partition. Polygamy was permitted in Pakistan then and we never faced any problems as such. My family included two wives and four children, three from Durga (Rani, Shobha, Mahesh) and one from Ratna (Janak)."

For the unversed, on September 8, 2019, at the age of 95, Ram Jethmalani had passed away due to prolonged illness.

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