15 Bollywood Actresses And Their Stylish Gym Looks Inspire Us To Get Up, Dress Up And Workout


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15 Bollywood Actresses And Their Stylish Gym Looks Inspire Us To Get Up, Dress Up And Workout

From making heads turn at the red carpet to turning show stoppers during private functions, our divas know how to slay each moment with style and élan, even when it comes to going for workouts. Unless you’ve been living inside a well, you would be aware that some of our Bollywood actresses have been making waves with their cool and upbeat gym and workout wears, one workout regime at a time.

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And trust us, going to the gym, wearing what these celebs wear, might actually drive you more to hit the treadmill. Take a look at the various Bollywood actresses' gym and workout outfits:

#1. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

The ‘Begum of Pataudi’ knows how to rock any attire, so what if it’s a gym wear? Ever since we have spotted Kareena building up that frame in the gym, we all have noticed her I-can’t-go-to-the-gym-without-these attire look. Not just at the fashion shows, even inside gyms, Kareena is setting up a fashion trend. Her sports shoes, racer back tees and loose and stretchy track pants are often sported with chic quotes and one-liners, like "Aloha Sunday", "No bad days" and "Ok, bur first coffee". Mrs Khan also loves pairing printed track pants with full sleeves tees. Bebo’s chic and trendy gym look is one of the coolest ones among all the other actresses. 

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#2. Deepika Padukone

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

It’s not just the Bollywood awards that should come her way. We feel, Deepika deserves some serious applause and awards for keeping her gym wear so upbeat. Deepika’s Nike ad is not only a sign of gender equality but also gives a reason to hit the gym. With a sports bra, tights and funky sports shoe, Deepika always aces the gym look. 

#3. Malaika Arora Khan

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

The sassy and sexy Malaika Arora Khan never misses a chance to show-off her svelte figure. So what if it’s at the gym? Trendsetter Malaika loves wearing shorts with half or full-sleeves tees to the gym. Just like Kareena, she too pairs up her racer back tees with printed tracks and tights.

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#4. Amrita Arora

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

She might not have had a successful stint in Bollywood, but, when it comes to gym wear and workout wear; Kareena’s friend Amrita Arora is making some serious fashion statements. From meshed tights to designer tracks, the little Arora girl manages to turn quite a few heads her way.

#5. Katrina Kaif

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

Another actress for whom gym wear is all about ease and coolness has to be Katrina Kaif. Without trying too hard to turn heads, Katrina’s gym wears reek of effortlessness and comfort. Without giving much attention to her gym attire, Kat restricts them to just blacks and whites. 

#6. Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

It’s all about ease and comfort for Kangana, who mostly opts for shorts and tees to the gym. Without much ado, the Queen actress mostly pairs up a dark coloured tee with dark coloured shorts. If you are not very comfortable working out wearing shorts, you can opt for tights and tracks instead of it.

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#7. Alia Bhatt

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

Another actress who can drive away all your Monday morning blues with her breath-taking smile and inspiring gym routine is Bollywood’s young gun – Alia Bhatt. Her gym and workout wears are always cool and gives out a fresh and young vibe. Her printed multi-coloured jackets, neon coloured tees and high pony gives her an energetic and complete gym look.

#8. Bipasha Basu

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

The diva who literally brought fitness into the country for women, Bipasha Basu, has a trademark style when it comes to gym and workout wear. The pioneer of women’s fitness in the industry, Bipasha likes keeping her gym wear upbeat and stylish. Sports bra, sleeveless jacket, racer back tees and tights constitute her favourite workout attire.

#9. Shilpa Shetty

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

Another pioneer of good female health and mental being from the film industry is Shilpa Shetty Kundra. The actress who has always emphasised on the importance of yoga has a very cool and casual dressing sense when it comes to gym or workout wear. Sleeveless tees, racer backs and printed tracks or tights are her go-to outfits for workouts. The positivity yoga brings to her personality can be seen in her fashion choices too.

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#10. Jacqueline Fernandez

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

One of the fittest actresses in the industry today has to be Jacqueline Fernandez. The ‘Race 2’ girl loves her workout routines and never misses out on a single one. Treadmills, yoga and pilates are her favourite workout regime. The leggy lass loves wearing tank tops, racer back tees, 3/4ths and tights during her workouts. 

#11. Lisa Haydon

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

The fitness freak, Lisa Haydon, swears by pilates. The supermodel-turned-actress decided to hit the gym soon after giving birth and the results totally took all her fans by surprise. Within a month after bringing her son, Zack, into the world, Lisa started looking even more fitter and better than she did before. And when it comes to experimenting with her workout outfits, Lisa never shies away from it. From sports bra and shorts to tights and tank tops; Lisa likes flaunting her curves in the most stylish sports wears.

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#12. Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

Her name might have become synonymous with fashion and coutures, but, when it comes to gym and workout wears, Sonam has never been too adventurous. The ‘Masakalli’ girl is mostly spotted in tights and full sleeved jackets during her workouts. The Kapoor scion lets her high ponytail and aviators do all the talking. 

#13. Shraddha Kapoor

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

Even though she has got a great body and an even better smile, Shakti Kapoor’s bundle-of-joy, Shraddha Kapoor makes sure she spends enough time in the gym to never take her body for granted. From Pilates to martial arts, Shraddha keeps her workout sessions dynamic so as to never get bored. From what we have observed, Shraddha loves V-neck tank tops and tees along with tights for her workout sessions.

#14. Parineeti Chopra

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

One actress who has changed her life upside down with her workout regime is Parineeti Chopra. From chubby to svelte, Parineeti’s transformation has inspired and motivated many to hit the gym and shed off those extra kilos. Colourful shorts and tank tops constitute her favourite gym attire. However, she does not mind opting for tights and 3/4ths every now and then. 

#15. Sonakshi Sinha

Bollywood Actresses Gym Outfits

The ‘Dabangg’ girl’s weight loss transformation journey has been nothing less than motivational. Sonakshi lost 30 kgs before entering the industry, and has lost another 15 kgs in the last two years. Sinha’s rigorous exercise routine and effective diet plan helped her transform from a plump girl to a fitness icon. Sonakshi loves opting for neon coloured tank tops, v-neck tops and monochrome capris during her workout sessions. She completes the look with tied up hair and sunglasses.

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Were you looking for some motivation to hit the gym? We’re sure these divas and their workout wears would give you a push to sweat it out at the gym.

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