Stunning Bollywood Diva Sushmita Sen Shares Her Fitness And Beauty Secrets Like Never Before


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Stunning Bollywood Diva Sushmita Sen Shares Her Fitness And Beauty Secrets Like Never Before

When we picture Sushmita Sen, we can always think of her with that million dollar smile lighting up her face! The first Indian woman to be crowned Miss Universe in 1994, this model-turned-actress still looks as gorgeous as she did all those years ago.

Naturally, we wonder how she maintains her well-toned physique and her beautiful skin. It takes a lot of dedication and effort to make yourself look and feel beautiful. Sushmita Sen, who is a timeless beauty, is definitely someone who has taken good care of herself.

In a recent video she shared on Instagram, the actress has given a very positive message,

“I had promised the 14 year old #me NO MATTER WHAT, I will ALWAYS follow my #heart I will respond to #feelings and not react to #thoughts easier said than done so often I discipline my #body to #silence the #mind and return to a #feeling it works like #magic And no its NOT for a movie not to be a size zero, it’s simply me honouring a promise!!!! Gooood morning World , wake up happy!!!! #feelit #manifest #bepositive  I love you guys!!! Thank you teacher @nupur_popeye  mmuuaah!!!”.



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So, if you’ve ever wondered what this beautiful actress does to look so damn good every time, read on! We present to you the beauty and fitness secrets of Sushmita Sen.

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Her beauty secrets

Beauty Secrets

The actress prefers highlighting over any other makeup technique to bring out the contours of her well-boned face. She also prefers to use a bronzer that blends with and accentuates her dusky complexion.

Beauty Secrets

Instead of lipsticks, she prefers using use lip balm or lip gloss. Some makeup products she swears by are Dior’s Bronze Blush, YSL’s Ever Long Mascara, Chanel’s Automatic Liquid Liner and Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes, in Copacabana Coffee.

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Beauty Secrets

Rather than a toner, the beautiful actress choose to use natural rose water to spritz over her face for a fresh, dewy look. She diligently applies Olay moisturiser before she applies anything else onto her skin.

Beauty Secrets

Sushmita oils her hair regularly, to maintain her hair’s thick and shiny texture. For that natural glow, the actress likes to apply orange or papaya juice on the skin. She also makes her own scrub, consisting of gram flour and clotted cream, to cleanse her face.

Her fitness secrets

Fitness Secrets

Sushmita believes in working out regularly. She is too serious and strict when it comes to workout schedules that she never skips on her sessions.

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Fitness Secrets

She uses a Power Plate to exercise every alternate day. In addition to this, she puts in an hour of Pilates each day as well. She also performs cardio and crunches to tone her body well.

Fitness Secrets

Apart from this, the actress indulges in yoga and pranayama. She also prefers to go to bed early, to keep her body supple and relaxed.

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Her diet plan

Diet plan

Sushmita Sen begins every day with a hot cup of ginger tea. For breakfast, she eats 3 egg whites and a bowl of porridge. She washes it all down with a glass of vegetable juice.

Diet plan

For a snack at 10 am, she munches on almonds and drinks a cup of coffee. And when it comes to lunch, she eats rice and dal, along with vegetable curry or meat.

Diet plan

After lunch, she consumes fruits. For her evening snack, she likes to eat either upma or idlis, with another cup of coffee.

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And that, folks, was what this model-turned-actress does to look so very gorgeous each time she steps out of the house. So, make sure you do follow it and let us know if it has helped in the comments below.

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