Alia Bhatt Heaped Praises On Husband, Ranbir's Ex-GF, Deepika Padukone, Called Her Soul Beautiful

Throwback to the time when Alia Bhatt sidelined any animosity and heaped praises on her then-beau, Ranbir's ex-girlfriend, Deepika Padukone.


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Alia Bhatt Heaped Praises On Husband, Ranbir's Ex-GF, Deepika Padukone, Called Her Soul Beautiful

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are counted amongst one of the most talked-about couples in B-Town. The duo fell in love while shooting for their film, Brahmastra and tied the knot on April 14, 2022. And within a few months, in November 2022, Alia and  welcomed their daughter, Raha into their lives.-- Interestingly, before his marriage to Alia, Ranbir had been in many relationships with his frequent co-stars like, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif. However, while having buried everything in past, it seems that his now-wife, Alia has always been good friends to each of her husband’s exes.

Alia Bhatt called hubby, Ranbir Kapoor's ex, Deepika Padukone’s soul beautiful

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Ranbir Kapoor’s breakup with Deepika Padukone was a result of his cassanova nature back then, when he cheated on her with Katrina Kaif. But their past has not stopped his wife, Alia Bhatt to share a warm and cordial relationship with Deepika. The duo have been more like best friends ever since then and have been there for one another whenever needed. Moreover, their respective spouses, Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh also seem to share a great bond with one another. Proof of the same was found when in 2019, during Alia’s promotional events for her film, Gully Boy, (in which she starred opposite Deepika’s husband, Ranveer Singh), she heaped praises on Deepika. Calling both her soul and personality beautiful, she mentioned:

“You know how they say that God has created someone with a lot of love and spent a lot of time on it? Not only in her (Deepika) looks but both her soul and personality are beautiful."

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When Deepika Padukone broke silence over her breakup with Ranbir Kapoor

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Well, Deepika and Ranbir’s breakup came at a time when the entire world was anticipating for the couple to walk down the aisle. Such rumours were even more fuelled when Deepika was often spotted hanging out with Ranbir’s family, and especially seemed to share a good rapport with his parents, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh. While the duo shockingly parted ways, they had always kept a dignified silence behind the reasons for the same. However, it was much later that Deepika finally broke the silence and revealed how Ranbir’s frequent nature of cheating had been a deal breaker in their relationship. In her words:

“The first time he cheated on me, I thought there was something wrong with the relationship, or me. But when someone makes a habit of it, you know the problem lies with him. I give a lot in relationships and don't really expect much in return. But, infidelity is the deal breaker. Once it comes in, respect goes away, trust goes away and these are the pillars of a relationship you can't f**k around with it."

Ranbir spoke about the matured sense of love he had for Deepika

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Many years have passed by since Ranbir and Deepika’s breakup, and thankfully, both the ex-partners have moved on in their lives. While Ranbir Kapoor is happily married to Alia Bhatt and the duo is parents to their daughter, Raha; Deepika, on the other hand is married to her Ramleela co-star, Ranveer Singh. Fast forward to today, Deepika and Ranbir share a healthy and friendly bond with one another, proving the fact that they have left bygones be bygones. Speaking about his matured friendship with Deepika post their breakup, Ranbir, in an interview with ETimes, once mentioned:

“The amount of love I have for Deepika is like family. It's very warm, it's about care, about being proud of her. The facet of love, care and respect has changed but changed for the better. It's not your immature "I love her" kind of feeling. It's mature and that has come with age. Also, we have both positively moved on with our lives."

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When Deepika Padukone praised Alia Bhatt for her Met Gala debut in 2023

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Moving forward in time, both Deepika and Alia have become BFFs for one another. They often catch up on secret outings together and also never skip a chance to heap praises on each other. For instance, Deepika Padukone turned cheerleader for Alia Bhatt during her Met Gala debut in 2023. She took to the comment section of Alia Bhatt’s BTS video of prepping up for the grand performance and commented:

“You did it!"


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