9 Evergreen Traditions That Make An Indian Wedding The Most Beautiful Celebration Of The World

9 Evergreen Traditions That Make An Indian Wedding The Most Beautiful Celebration Of The World

Indian weddings are colourful, bright, and loaded with traditions and occasions of mere joy. Each and every culture showcases its unique customs that are a delight to witness. Imagining weddings without these beautiful traditions is quite a difficult thing, let alone not having them at all.

So, we thought of compiling a few Indian wedding traditions that should carry on for generations to come and without which, weddings will not be as much fun as they are now.

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#1. The mehendi ceremony

evergreen wedding traditions- mehendi

It is all about applying intricate henna designs on the hands and feet of the bride. Not only the bride, but all her friends and the ladies in the family get it put on their hands. It is said that the darker the colour of the mehendi, the more love and affection the bride will get from her hubby dearest and mother in-law. The venue is decorated with flowers and curtains. This function is one for which the bride and her friends wait as this is practically their last night together to have fun, dance, sing, and let their hair loose with each other. Also, there is something enchantingly serene about this night that makes it a memorable one.

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#2. The chooda ceremony

Image Courtesy: Dino Jeram Photography

Image Courtesy: Dino Jeram Photography

Can any Punjabi bride imagine her wedding to take place without having the chooda ceremony? We do not know what it is, but somehow, a marriage seems incomplete without those beautiful red and white ivory bangles. Many girls could even get married just for finally getting to wear the chooda. Seriously! And for her friend’s delight, it is the kalire ceremony that follows and decides who gets married next!

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#3. The sehrabandi

evergreen wedding traditions- sehrabandi

The sehrabandi is that ritual in which the groom's sister ties a sehra on his head after completing a specific puja. It is one of the most emotional moments between a brother, who is getting married and his sister. In North Indian weddings, it is one of the most believed and followed pre-wedding traditions.

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#4. The joota chupai

evergreen wedding traditions- joota choopai Image Courtesy: Studio RGB

The jiju's relationship with his salas and salis is incomplete without the joota chupai tradition. It is the one in which the brothers and sisters of the bride hide the groom’s shoes while he sits for the marriage ceremony. They then return the shoes in lieu of money. It is the best way for the two to bond and become closer amidst having some fun and also some serious bargaining!

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#5. The vidaai

evergreen wedding traditions- vidaai Image Courtesy: Studio RGB

This is one of the saddest yet happy and emotional events of the entire wedding. It is when the bride has to say her final goodbye to her family and friends to go to her new house. Though it gets everyone teary-eyed, it is one of the most cherished traditions amongst all.

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#6. The kalash

evergreen wedding traditions- vidaai

When the bride enters her new house, she has to gently kick a small kalash full of rice with her right foot before she enters. This marks the beginning on her new life in her new house, and brings prosperity and good luck in the house. It is also synonymous with Goddess Lakshmi entering the house.

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#7. Post-wedding games

evergreen wedding traditions- post wedding games Image Courtesy: Cosmin Danila Photography

These are major stress busters for the newly-married couple after a hectic and long day. The friends and family members of the groom arrange for post-wedding games that the newlyweds are supposed to play. It is also a great way to break the ice and bond with each other for the bride and her new family.

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#8. Tossing of the bouquet

evergreen wedding traditions- tossing of bouquet
Gif via Tumblr

For a Christian bride, who does not have functions like the mehendi or the sangeet for her and her friends to connect, tossing of the bridal bouquet is one such moment where she gets to do that. It is as special to her friends as it is to whoever catches it, supposedly gets married next!

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#9. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

evergreen wedding traditions

Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolises borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity. This custom is for the Christian bride, and it symbolises wearing something on her wedding day that has been in her family from generations as it is considered to be lucky and auspicious.

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As these traditions are very special , we hope their essence is never lost and people follow them with the same zeal and excitement as we do today, and for years to come!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wedding Nama
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