9 Reasons That Will Convince You To Not Have A Bachelorette Party


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9 Reasons That Will Convince You To Not Have A Bachelorette Party

The concept of a bachelorette party is just one of the many things that is getting in vogue and is copied from the west. Some do it to spend those last moments of singlehood with their friends, and some to unwind. But most do it due to peer pressure.

There is no doubt, these all-girls’ parties can be a lot of fun, but there are other ways to unwind as well. While organising a bachelorette parety does have its fun elements, there are certain reasons that you can consider, to give your bachelorette party a miss. 

#1. Your invite list can offend those not invited

When you plan a guest list for your bridal shower, you obviously keep the guest count restricted. Firstly because you want it to be a cozy and personal get-together, and secondly you do not want to overspend. But, thanks to social networking websites, the whole world gets to know of your special party. Not inviting many of your 'close friends and cousins' might offend them in a big way.

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#2. It is a western concept

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While you may be only too open to the idea of a bachelorette party, for most Indian families, this idea is just too western. Especially if you come from a conservative background, even telling your parents about the fact, that your friends are planning a bachelorette party, may become embarassing for you. 

#3. Your main focus must be your wedding

You will already be spending a lot of time with all your girl pals all throughout your wedding functions. Then, why do you want to throw another and a rather expensive party? Instead, pay more attention to your wedding planning and other functions. You will get a lot of time to chill with your friends during this time.

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#4. Spend some 'me time'

Indian weddings are full of ceremonies that are spread over so many days. Instead of using up all your time planning 'another bash', why not spend your time more meaningfully? You can get to know your fiancé better, or you can simply relax with your family or even spend time in a spa, adding to your D-day glow.

#5. It is another financial burden

Bridal parties are an expensive affair. Firstly, you need to book a nice venue that is hip and happening. Because, the party might go on till late at night, you might have to make arrangements for cabs or for accomodations for the night. Add to that, the expenditure of drinks and food. Now ask yourself, are you really ready to shell out that much? It is better to use this money on wedding decorations or to get a live band for your mehendi.

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#6. You will hardly get time

Weddings, in India are all about a lot of masti, with friends and relatives coming in from all across the country and even abroad. In all this hullabaloo, it would be next to impossible to take out time for another wedding do.

#7. The planning can be very stressful

Weddings are huge, hectic and costly affairs. You have to spend days in order to plan the perfect wedding. Starting from booking the venue, to thinking of the wedding favours for your guests, organising venue decorations and so many other last minute things. It is an event that will need you to decide the venue, the menu, your outfit and more entertainment. So, why not save yourself the trouble of planning another do, by simply cancelling all plans of throwing a bachelorette party.

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#8. An added pressure on your friends

Your friends already have to shell out lots of money to get themselves some outfits for all the wedding functions. Not only this, they have to make time for all your functions by either taking some time off from office, or managing their time in other ways. Save them the horror of taking one more leave from work, and having to think about yet another outfit for the do.

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#9. Go for a pyjama party instead

In the end, if you still want to go for a bachelorette party, here's a simple alternative. Just gather all your close friends and cousins at your house and have a pyjama party with them, and have a rocking time in the comfort of your home. The whole idea is to keep it simple and fun!

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So, ponder over these points. Think before shelling out those extra bucks, and going through another stressful journey of planning and pleasing. Just before your wedding, keep it simple and stress-free.