8 Interesting Ways You Can Make 'Varmala' Ceremony Special On Your Wedding Day


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8 Interesting Ways You Can Make 'Varmala' Ceremony Special On Your Wedding Day

The wedding is like a fairy tale that comes true for the bride and the groom. It is that time of life when finally, a princess finds her prince charming and they have a happily ever after story to behold. And, their wedding day needs to be as memorable for them as for the guests who are attending it. One way to look at it is to find ways in which each of the rituals can be transformed into something that will be etched in the minds forever.

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Among the various important rituals on the wedding day, varmala is one of the most exciting ones. To make it truly memorable, here are some ideas and ways that would help you make your D-day memorable.

#1. Plan a theme for the ritual

Varmala ideas

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

A story or a theme for varmala works wonders when it comes to making it a lifetime memory. If the entire ritual expresses a story either from the mythological books like Ramayana or a self-made one, it can become memorable for the guests and the couple.

One of the prevalent stories used in a lot of marriages is that of the “Parshuram Dhanush” incident from Ramayana. This is where the groom acting to be Lord Rama, picks up a dhanush (bow) which breaks. After this, the bride (acting to be Sita) reaches to him with the varmala. You can either take an inspiration from this famous incidence of Ramayana or can create a story of your own.

#2. Choose the perfect varmala

varmala ideas

The main attention of the guests will either be on the couple or the varmala that they are using for the ritual. Make sure that the varmala you choose is eye-catching and beautiful. Invest in an attractive varmala that goes with the outfit of the bride and the groom. After all, this varmala will be around your neck till the wedding ceremonies go on. So, selecting a perfect varmala is as important as selecting wedding day outfits and accessories.

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#3. Add a flowing touch

Varmala Ideas

Image Courtesy: Anshum M Photography

If a theme-based ritual is not possible, then have the varmala ceremony either under a sheet of flower (phoolon ki chadar) or a dupatta. Yes, if you cannot make it as grand as having an elaborate set-up or a theme to go with it, then this too is an interesting and a unique idea. For a day wedding, have the friends or siblings of the couple hold a specially designed sheet of flowers, over their head. What's more? To make it even more eye-catching, use flowers that are contrasting in colours from those in the varmala.

#4. Blockbuster it is!

Varmala Ideas

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Make sure that the varmala is held in a centre, round stage that is visible from all angles and gives access to all the guests. Usually, it is recommended that the stage is made at a particular height to get best snapshots as well as to become the centre of attention. Yes, don’t forget the photographs, after all these will make your memories everlasting.

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#5. On the JEEP with the SWAG!

Varmala Ideas

Image Courtesy: KD Singh Photography

Add a little more swag to your garland exchange by doing this ceremony on the jeep. Until now we have just seen grooms making the entry on it, but now, the latest in thing is the garland exchange ceremony. It is so cool, full of merriment and nothing else.

#6. Add some twist, what say?

Varmala Ideas

Image Courtesy: StudioSnapSter

With twist we mean to say the revolving stage. Now, this is quite interesting, where the bride and the groom stand on a revolving stage in the middle of the hall. The entire stage is decorated with flowers and once the garlands are exchanged it starts revolving. Such magnificence is not to be found in any other idea!

#7. Make it explosive!

Varmala Ideas

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Lol, not literally! This is your dream day, your D-day and you want to make it the best of your life. Why not stand in the centre surrounded by some lovely firecrackers. And as soon as the garlands are exchanged, celebrations with a pop of crackers start.  

#8. Amidst the tranquil cascade

Varmala Ideas

Image Courtesy: Dipak Studios

What about exchanging garlands between the tranquil cascade or waterfall so to say? Well, this one is going to be one of the best ideas, we tell you. That calmness, that required aura and everything would be there all at once. This too is gonna be a grand thing to do!

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Armed with all these tips, we are sure you are ready to make your varmala a truly enjoyable and memorable event for all your guests. If you have any more ideas that you would like to share with other couples, do leave your comments below.

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