6 Careless Mistakes Men Must Never Make While Planning The Proposal


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6 Careless Mistakes Men Must Never Make While Planning The Proposal

You are finally ready to take your relationship to the next level and have planned to pop the question, “Will you marry me?” to your dearly beloved. (READ: 14 Signs That Show Your Partner Is Absolutely Trustworthy And A Total Keeper). But, before you go down on your knees and express your feelings, here is a question, have you thought clearly about your proposal plan? After all, it is ‘once in a lifetime’ thing, and so it has to be perfect. There should be no room for error. Isn’t it?

But sometimes in all the excitement, knowingly or unknowingly, you might end up making a few mistakes that might spoil the “perfect moment” and end up disappointing your lady love. So, before you plan your proposal, go through the following checklist to avoid any mistakes that can ruin your moment.

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#1. Assuming that she is ready too

Just because you are ready to commit to a relationship does not mean that your partner is ready too. Asking your partner to marry without knowing about their feelings can put you in a tight spot. It can even hamper your relationship. So before you ask her, “Will you marry me?” try to know whether she is ready or not. If your partner is ready to take the plunge, she will often leave some hints like pointing towards a ring while shopping, getting excited about a friend’s engagement or marriage news, making wish lists for her marriage, and so on. When you get such green signals, be ready to propose.

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#2. Asking without a ring

A “Will you marry me?” without a ring is a big NO, unless you proposed spontaneously. Agreed, that your proposal should be more valuable than a ring, but you should understand that for a woman, the ring symbolises your love and commitment towards the relationship. A little bling never hurts, but if your girl finds joy in the simple things of life, then go for a thoughtful design, instead of choosing just any random big rock (a.k.a diamond, duh!)

#3. Not taking permission from girlfriend’s parents

Seeking permission from your girlfriend’s parents before proposing to her might sound old school, but it will mean a lot to her. The thought that you went an extra mile to involve her parents will make her respect you even more.

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#4. Playing hide and seek with the ring

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Hiding the ring in the dessert, cake, ice cream, or dropping it in the champagne glass are outdated ideas. On top of that, this can be a serious health hazard. Imagine her choking on the ring, before you get to pop the question. Not an ideal scenario. But, in case you want your partner to find the ring, then look for some places she often uses or are not risky.

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#5. Popping the question for the sake of convenience

One of the surest ways to ruin your proposal is by uttering statements such as: “We’re not getting any younger”, “In spite of what my mother thinks about you”, “No one else will marry us” and so on. Women want to hear the real reason for the proposal (we sure hope to God those are not your real reasons though). They want to hear some heartfelt things like “I want to spend rest of my life with you”, “You make my life complete” or something similar. So say something from your heart, something that you really mean, if you want to hear a big ‘Yes’.

#6. Copying someone else’s idea

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Copying someone else’s idea to propose is easy, but do not get lazy, guys! That is why your aim should be to create a unique moment that will leave your partner spellbound. Of course, you can take inspiration from the various ideas floating on the Internet, but at the end, come up with something personal, original, and remarkable.

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So guys, do spend enough time to plan it all. Do not make it a last minute affair, and keep her likes and dislikes in mind while planning your proposal. It is a moment, which you both will cherish for many years, so remember to make it a passionate affair.

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