13 Signs That Your Husband Is Definitely A Mama's Boy


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13 Signs That Your Husband Is Definitely A Mama's Boy

Being a mama’s boy is not necessarily a bad thing, or as criminal as some make it seem. In fact, these men know what it takes to be respectful and sensitive towards the women in their lives. So, if you are a man reading this, have a hearty laugh, for these signs are a testimony to the fact that you are a mama’s boy!

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And, if you happen to be the woman dating or married to a mama’s boy, then take a deep breath and try to laugh along as well.

#1. You must talk to mum EVERY DAY!

Signs that you're mamma's boy

Or, every other hour, if need be, because she needs to stay updated about everything that is going on in your life!

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#2. 'Maa ke haath ka swad kuch alag hi hota hai!'

Whenever someone cooks for you, you can only think of raving about your mum's cooking!

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#3. You still throw tantrums around her

Because she adores you anyway!

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#4. Your mum is your number one priority

And, everyone else comes second. That is the truth!

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#5. You cannot stop crying after getting into an argument with her

Signs that you're mamma's boy

You love your mom so much that if you ever have a difference of opinion, the only way you can vent is through tears.

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#6. And, it takes only two seconds for you to say sorry to her

Because you do not want to upset her any longer and want to put an end to the situation.

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#7. 'Yaar mum ko pata nahin chalna chahiye'

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You are scared of getting flak from her, and would do anything to bribe your friends from telling her your secrets (if there are any left to be told that is!)

#8. Your mum’s opinion matters the most

Even your sweetheart often tells you to seek your mum’s advice because she knows you never listen to her anyway!

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#9. You dumped your ex-girlfriend because your mom did not approve of her

Which means you still need her approval before making any decision, even about your love life!

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#10. You cannot imagine staying apart from your mum

If you are studying or working in a different city, you daydream about the days when you will see her again and have her cook swadisht khaan-paan.

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#11. 'My mom knows me the best!'

Image Courtesy: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

She has raised you. And, that says it all!

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#12. No matter what, she cannot be wrong

You are not blind to judge a situation, but why worry when she who knows-it-all is there for you, right?!

#13. You cannot hear a word against your momma

You will fight a war, if that is what it takes to defend your mother. Even your sweetheart knows, if there are any issues between your mum and her, she cannot involve you in that, as you will always take your mum's side.

Well, we would say no child, son or daughter, can ever cease to love their parents. But, we would like to part with a word of caution for all you mama’s boys out there– do not compare your better half, whether it is your wife or girlfriend, with your mom. This will save you from a lot of trouble!

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