Top 7 Reasons Why Couples Fight in a Marriage

A perfect marriage is not  the one where you and your partner live happily ever after. This fairy tale view of marriage will land you in a soup, so you might as well buckle up and realize that fighting is an integral part of any marriage. No fights would mean there is something terribly wrong but continuous fighting is not a good thing, as well. Here’s a short list of what sparks a fight, simple ways to prevent them and how to solve them once they get out of hand.

Daily Chores

This is a common issue that pops up every now and then. Shirking simple chores is something that all couples are guilty of and sometimes it ignites a row that could bring other small problems on to the table. Since household chores are so small you tend to ignore them and if this happens over a period of time, your partner will throw a fit sooner or later. The only way you can avoid such a clash with your wife is by sticking to your chores.

Planning a vacation

This could turn ugly if you’re not open to what your partner has to say. Beach trip or a mountain trek? Make sure you give your husband or wife enough space so that you don’t end up having one of those infamous arguments in marriage.

“Me time”

Okay, this is something you need to navigate very carefully or you could land up having a major fight with your spouse. When you’re planning something with your friends make sure you tell your partner about it in the proper manner.

TV Space

This might seem like a petty thing to bring up, but you would be surprised to learn that many marital fights crop up because one partner hogged all the TV time. Make sure you give your other half a chance to watch his/her favourite shows also.


This is one area that you need to tread very carefully. Passing comments regarding your partner’s family could be the starting point of a heated argument. This can happen over even the smallest of insults so ensure your partner and you don’t end up quarreling over a family member.


So you’ve been spending extra hours at office so that you can nail that promotion? Make sure you don’t ignore your husband or your wife while doing so. Your family should be your top priority. Many fights get start because of this reason.


This is an important issue that sometimes causes a lot of friction between couples. You need to sit down with your other half and discuss any issues that could be hampering your sex life. Instead of starting a shouting fight, try to understand the reason behind the argument.

Fights in a marriage can be handled in a proper manner and even side-stepped if you know what you’re doing. However, it is impossible to avoid arguments always and if you do find yourself in such a situation make sure you know how to calm things down.

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