10 Best Traditional Punjabi Folk Songs That You Should Definitely Have In Your Wedding Playlist


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10 Best Traditional Punjabi Folk Songs That You Should Definitely Have In Your Wedding Playlist

The bylanes of Punjab have given us a treasure trove of rich culture, traditions, and folklore. And these rich traditions are inherent in our popular culture, whether it be films or television series, or even web-series. People all over the world are known to be dancing and singing aloud to dhol beats and enjoying the melody.

Their songs and lyrics are something which has the captivating power to transform you entirely to the place they are set in. Any Punjabi wedding, or for that matter, North Indian wedding is incomplete without some dholwaalas, and these traditional Punjabi songs.

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So, move aside Banno Tera Swagger, Kar Gayi Chull, London Thumakda, and the likes… because we have for you some of the finest songs to let you enjoy the true flavour of real Punjabi weddings and folk songs.

#1. Suhe ve cheere waleya

Another famous folklore from the bylanes of Punjab, this melody has been sung by a lot of Punjabi singers, each adding her own variation to the song. The version we loved most was the one sung by Parkash Kaur and Surinder Kaur. The slow tempo of the song is the perfect starter for any wedding sangeet. The song symbolises the love that the to-be bride feels for her lover/ husband. She prays that they should never be parted.

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#2. Kaala doriya

Sung by Surinder Kaur, this one is a classic song to be played at the sangeet by the family of the woman, who give her ideas on how to deal with her in-laws. Surinder Kaur took the themes of the songs from the life of women at that time. They end in similar sounds and have a rhythmic quality to them.

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Listen to the song here.

#3. Lathe di chadar

This is a fun Punjabi song that is sung at the sangeet ceremony where the unmarried girls try to lure the unmarried boys towards themselves and have fun generally. If both the bride and groom’s family are having a combined function, then this song can serve as a great icebreaker. Moreover, to add to the fun, you can play the version that has been sung by Rajeshwari Sachdev Badola who has added her own peppiness to the song.

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#4. Mehndi ni mehndi

The classic mehendi song, Mehndi Ni Mehndi symbolises the going-to-be bride’s happiness at putting henna on her hands for her groom. She is talking about the design she wants for the mehendi and how her entire family has come together to celebrate her happiness. She feels that the henna is enough to decorate her, and her husband would be pleased seeing the dark henna on her hands that symbolises the love she has for him.

The girl is also sad that she would be leaving her home to be with a new family, and she is scared as she doesn’t know how her in-laws would treat her. Truly, this is one of the finest mehndi songs ever. The film, Patiala House, also had a version of this song in their film, and we would surely recommend that version for a rocking mehendi function.

We have this beautiful song for you right here.

#5. Ve charkha chanan da

This song depicts the life of a girl after her marriage, and how she is feeling nostalgic when she sees the sewing machine that was gifted to her by her family. She remembers all the love and the togetherness she felt with her family, and how she misses them all. She gets emotional and prays for the well-being of her entire family, and she wants them to be happy without her.

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Originally sung by the Kaur sisters, Parkash Kaur and Surinder Kaur, this song has all the elements of a typical sangeet song and can be sung accompanied with the dholak to make everybody get up and dance to the beats.

Here we have Ve Charkha Chanan Da for you.

#6. Phulla di bahaar

This song can be used by the friends of the bride to jokingly tease her about how her life will be post-marriage, when she is waiting for her husband. The song is a perfect reminder of the new life awaiting the bride. The song also talks about the love that the bride feels for her husband, and how she passes her time while she waits for her husband to return home. This fast song is truly perfect for the ladies to do gidda on and enjoy themselves at the function.

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Enjoy it here.

#7. Mera laung gawacha

Through this song, the bride is conveying her feelings to her to-be husband that he should not lose his temper on her if she loses any of her ornaments. In the song, the girl has lost her nose ornament (laung) while she was on her way to meet her husband and give him food. The song then follows their return journey and their search for the lost ornament. When the husband scolds her for losing it, she gets angry at him and says that he is never pleased with her and she lost it on her way while coming to meet him.

The song is a reminder to all the to-be grooms that the bride should be of more importance to them rather than worldly possessions. So, through the song all the to-be brides can give a lesson to the grooms, and the men better follow it if they wish for harmony in their marital lives.

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#8. Kala sha kala

This song is perfect for who says that dark is bad, and white is perfect. It celebrates the dark-skinned bride and groom and shuns the fair-skinned ones. The song says that the dark-skinned people have hearts made of gold while the fair-skinned people have dark hearts. The song even says that Lord Krishna, who was dark-skinned, was the perfect partner for fair-skinned Radha.

The girl in the song is also requesting her mother to not find a fair guy for her, and she is very happy with the one who is dark, as he has a heart of gold. In our world, where fair skin is considered the ideal, this song from our bygone eras should be an eye-opener for everyone.

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#9. Madhaniya

There are some songs that truly touch your hearts and capture the true essence of an Indian wedding. And, this beautiful track is a perfect example of that. The lyrics signify the pain a girl feels when she is about to leave her home and go to a new place, surrounded by new people and in a completely unfamiliar home. The song clearly expresses the pain that each family member of the girl is going through when the time is coming near for the bride to leave.

The song ends with a wish for the new bride, that may her marital home give her immense happiness and all her wishes come true. Although the classical versions are amazing, we love the version of this song sung by Neha Bhasin as well. She captures the emotions of the bride amazingly, and we are sure you would love it too.

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#10. Kali teri gutt

This is another icebreaker song for the bride and groom’s family where the groom’s friends/ brothers can harmlessly flirt with the bride’s sisters/ friends. This track is a fun way to get everyone on the dance floor and make them enjoy the function. The song expresses how the men are attracted to the kali gutt of the girls, and the paraandi that has been tied is another mesmerising factor for them. He is also enamoured by the way the girl has dressed up.

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Get ready to have some fun while listening to this upbeat track here.

P.S. - As an added feature, we have for you this track from the film, Aloo Chaat. While the movie may have vanished without a trace, this song is something that you can definitely play at your sangeet and have fun dancing on it!

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So, we hope these songs will feature on your sangeet playlist. Do let us know which is your favourite song, and if we have missed any of your favourites! Let’s hear it for the Punjabi swag at all Indian weddings.

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