9 Types Of Wives You Will Definitely Find In India: What Type Are You?


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9 Types Of Wives You Will Definitely Find In India: What Type Are You?

Cranky, positive, optimist, angry, jealous, possessive, martyr– no, these are not a list of adjectives. Rather, they are the types of wives that are found nearly everywhere. More importantly, this is not an exhaustive list and we are certainly not trying to create behavioural stereotypes. Every woman is special in her own way.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at the different types of wives:

#1. The clingy wife

clingy wife
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She is a little immature and does not possess sufficient confidence to do things on her own. She clings on to her husband for support and help for the smallest to the biggest things. She is usually a 'stay at home' wife and her family is her world.

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#2. The cranky wife

cranky wife
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She is an overemotional wife who starts sniffing and crying at the drop of a hat. Sometimes her tears may earn sympathy. But, most of the times, the husband will dread saying anything to her, fearing he will have to bear a fresh round of tears.

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#3. The supportive wife

strong and supportive wife
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She has a strong character and is a brave woman. She is not the one to break down when times are tough. Rather, she prefers to solve the problems by shouldering the responsibilities with a smile. She helps and supports her spouse at all times.

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#4. The dominating wife

dominating wife
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She loves to get her own way, no matter what. She will cajole, request or sometimes even threaten, but will ensure that she gets what she wants.

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#5. The possessive and jealous wife

jealous wife
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She cannot stand her husband, talk to, or even look at another woman. She will forever keep calling her husband, asking him about his whereabouts. She is always suspicious about her husband’s actions and tries to wheedle information out of him using different tactics.

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#6. The independent wife

independent wife
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She enjoys her freedom to the fullest and is very opinionated. She is passionate about work and does not think that any relations should tie her down or restrict her freedom. She is the modern woman in every sense of the word.

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#7. The melodramatic wife

melodramatic wife
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'Making a mountain out of a molehill' is a perfect description for this wife. She always overreacts at things and tries to blow even the smallest of issues. But, if she realises her mistake, she is quick to apologise too.

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#8. The martyr wife

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She has taken Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhie Bahu Thi to her heart. She is forever willing to sacrifice her needs and desires for the sake of her husband and family. This type of wife needs to get some individuality and must do things to make herself happy too.

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#9. The all-in-one wife

all-in-one wife
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This wife is a combination of all the above mentioned wives, yet she is a sweetheart. She will be jealous on a few occasions, and will truthfully admit the same to her husband. She crushes her needs sometimes, but will take a firm stand on important issues. She will cry a little when upset, but can bravely brush away her tears too. This wife will cling to her husband, but she likes her independence too. In short she is a normal wife who is emotional but strong, sweet yet dominating, and independent yet is always true to her roots. She is a woman who any man would love to marry.

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So ladies, which of these types did you relate yourself to? Do not forget to share the same with us in the comments section below.

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