Bride Chooses Burger Over Her 'Baaraat', Satisfies Her Food Cravings Before Tying The Knot

Meet our bride of the week, who satisfied her food cravings by hogging on a burger just before tying the knot. Check out the cute video!


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Bride Chooses Burger Over Her 'Baaraat', Satisfies Her Food Cravings Before Tying The Knot

It is believed that a girl's dream is to look beautiful. But it is not true, they rather dream of eating without getting fat, especially the brides-to-be! Yes, the moment a woman's wedding date is fixed, she is expected to kickstart her pre-bridal routine immediately. After all, according to all of us, a bride has to look her best on her D-day and losing that extra tummy fat is the first and foremost task in her hand. 

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Over the past few years, the wedding world has changed drastically! Nowadays, every hatke thing during the wedding festivities turns into a major trend and instantly gets viral on the internet. While we are hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, this didn't stop couples from tying the knot and creating major wedding trends. And the recent one is of brides choosing food just before tying the knot. There are many brides, who didn't give in to their wedding jitters, but rather ate what they craved for!

Foodie bride

Meet our bride, Neha, who had gotten married to the man of her dreams in a grand ceremony. However, before tying the knot, she was seen having a burger to satisfy her food cravings. In the video, we can see the bride standing outside the food outlet of Burger King. Further in the video, we can see her entering the restaurant and ordering a burger. Check out the trending video below: 

This is not the first time when we had seen a bride believing in the saying, 'pehle pet puja, fir kaam duja'! After all, there is no love purer than the love for food, because it will never ditch us. Earlier, we had seen a bride, who had straight away gone to a gol gappa stall in the middle of her wedding. In the video, she was seen removing her nose ring to eat gol gappa. 

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We had also spotted a chole bhature bride. The gorgeous bride had donned a pink ensemble and she was seen dolled up with gorgeous accessories. In the video, we could see the person shooting the video asking her "Maaza aa raha hai", and she gave the cutest reaction.

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