Bridal Checklist: 14 Things That Brides Forget To Cross Check But Should Not


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Bridal Checklist: 14 Things That Brides Forget To Cross Check But Should Not

The wedding is a special day for every bride. It’s a day every woman looks forward to and how special it means to her can be measured by the fact that she just doesn’t want to look great, but absolutely stunning on her special day. Wedding in every person’s life indicates the beginning of a new phase and the nervousness for how her married life would be.

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However, such thoughts can often put a bride in a lot of emotional stress. Amidst all this, there are a lot of important things that a bride shouldn’t forget. Here, we have a last minute checklist for all brides-to-be. Check this out!

#1. Wedding outfit

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The most important thing for a bride is her bridal outfit. Make sure you start looking for it as early as you can and get it ready at least a month before the wedding. Also, you need to keep checking its fitting till the last moment. There will always be some or the other alterations to it, and having ample time in hand to do certainly avoid a crisis on the last minute.

#2. Jewellery

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Again, no Indian wedding is complete without jewellery, and there are special designs for weddings. Make sure you visit at least 2-3 well-known jewellers and compare their designs and prices. Order well in advance so that you can wear and match it well with your wedding outfit be it a lehenga or a saree, and don’t forget to take it along with you to the parlour you have booked.

#3. Safety Pins

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Make sure you have lots of safety pins on your wedding day. Wedding dresses are usually quite heavy and to keep them in place you will need several safety pins. Maybe you had tucked it up quite nicely when you were getting ready, but keeping them handy at the venue is also required.

#4. Keep a roll of moli for kaliras

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It is such a small thing, but very important and many of the brides tend to forget this. Some kalira designs require individual threads to tie them. So, be prepared and don’t panic at the last moment.

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#5. Keep an extra pair of footwear always

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It’s always a great idea to keep an extra pair of heels for you D-day. We just wish that nothing happens, but in case if your heels break or the strap comes out, you have an alternative.

#6. Beauty salon

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In case you have booked a beauty salon for your makeup, call them well in advance and also ensure that it isn’t far away from the wedding venue. This is especially important if you are in a city where traffic jams aren’t something new or uncommon.

#7. Makeup

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The bride should make sure that the makeup is in line with her dress and also as per the weather. Wear waterproof makeup if it’s a monsoon wedding. Try wearing a light makeup if it’s a summer wedding since sweat can ruin your makeup and leave spots on your face.

#8. Friends and family

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Make sure you are never alone on this day. Always have someone on your side like a friend, sister or cousins. Brides would need a lot of time to get ready for their wedding day and will need the help of others, especially someone who is close to her to assist her.

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#9. Wedding venue

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Make sure you have an idea of what the wedding venue will be like and where you will be entering from. Also, ensure that you have a sort of a waiting room just for yourself at the wedding venue.

#10. Prepare your entry songs

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A lot of times brides forget to assign the duty of entry songs to someone. If you have a specific song in mind, keep multiple copies of it with you, and ask your cousin or friend to be with the DJ wala when you enter.

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#11. Stay relaxed

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Well, you might want to avoid any additional physical exertion on your wedding day. Try and stay as relaxed as you can and grab a couple of hours of sleep during the day too if you can. It usually takes a lot of time to complete all the rituals, and most weddings run into wee morning hours.

#12. Diet

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Eat properly on this day and drink lots of water and if you can, also a couple of glasses or juice. You’ll need lots of energy today so ‘DO NOT AVOID FOOD’ at any cost. Not eating properly can reduce your blood sugar levels and make you feel uneasy during the wedding.

#13. Don’t forget to pee!

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And yes, one of the most important things you just need to do before entering the wedding venue and that’s to pee. There is a lot of nervousness and tension as and when you enter the spotlight. So, better freshen up beforehand and don’t feel uncomfortable.

#14. Smile

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Yes, this one thing that most brides forget to carry with them on their wedding day. With emotions running high, most brides often forget that the photos clicked on this special day would remain with them throughout. This day comes in every woman’s life, and within a few days of the wedding, she happily settles in the new atmosphere. So keep that smile always on your face.

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These are the tips that you’ll only get from someone who’s actually been through it all and understands what happens on this special day. Just make sure on your wedding day you have all the above points checked.

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