When Shah Rukh Khan Told Gauri To Stop Worrying About His Sleep Patterns, Said, 'Tu Relax Kar Yaar'

Throwback video of Shah Rukh Khan asking his wife, Gauri to stop worrying about his sleep patterns.


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When Shah Rukh Khan Told Gauri To Stop Worrying About His Sleep Patterns, Said, 'Tu Relax Kar Yaar'

Shah Rukh Khan is the perfect example of stardom. The man, who inspired a generation to fall in love, rekindled the patriotism in us and made us believe in living life to the fullest is the ultimate Badshaah of Bollywood today. It was decades ago, when Shah Rukh came to Mumbai to follow his dream, only to become its King.

Shah Rukh Khan’s professional life is as inspiring as his personal life. He was just 18 when he fell in love with Gauri Chibber. The woman, who refused to dance with him at a party is his begum today. Even after more than three decades of marital bliss, Shah Rukh and Gauri still reinstate our faith in love and marriage.

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Shah Rukh Khan’s old video assuring Gauri to stop worrying about his sleep patterns

We stumbled upon an old video of Shah Rukh talking to Gauri Khan on the phone. In the video, which was taken from the sets of a film, Shah Rukh was seen assuring Gauri about his sleep patterns. As a worried Gauri called SRK and worried about his hectic work schedule and disturbed sleep pattern, Shah tells her:

“Just let go of all this. You have known me for too many years to be discussing my sleep patterns. You just relax. Main itna toh kar lunga. Mai 44 years ka hu, itne toh handle kar lunga na.”


Hearing their conversation, filmmaker, Karan Johar jokes about it, and Shah Rukh tells Gauri that Karan is saying that her concerns are fake. To which Karan interrupted and said:

“Yeah, just like how you know my economic situation.”

To watch the video, click here.

Shah Rukh and Gauri’s love story

When Shah Rukh was struggling to make a foothold in the Bollywood industry, it was Gauri’s love and support that made him the most successful star of the glamour world. Rather than being just a star wife, the gorgeousness has created a niche for herself in the design industry and has also produced some blockbuster movies.

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Shah Rukh and Gauri went through a lot of struggles to be together, be it keeping their relationship a secret for five years or even changing his name to pose as a Hindu boy to impress Gauri’s parents. Shah Rukh and Gauri did all they could to convince her parents about their love and how serious they were for each other. Shah Rukh and Gauri never thought of eloping as he wanted to win the heart of everyone in her family. After winning her parents, the duo got married on October 25, 1991, in a Hindu marriage ceremony. 


In an old interview, in which Shah Rukh and Gauri had graced the talk show, Rendezvous With Simi Garewal in the year 1997, the couple talked about the initial days of their relationship. When Gauri was asked whether Shah Rukh has always been protective, she replied that his protectiveness was more of possessiveness.


Shah Rukh and Gauri’s camaraderie speaks volumes about the love they have for each other. What do you think? Let us know.

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