7 Ways You Can Add Fresh Flowers To Your Monsoon Bridal Hairdo


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7 Ways You Can Add Fresh Flowers To Your Monsoon Bridal Hairdo

You are the modern Indian bride and must be on the lookout for innovative and creative ideas to style up your wedding hairdo. Well, you don’t have to think more about getting it right. Just incorporate some real fresh flowers in your mane and personalise your monsoon wedding day look.

Yes, the flowers are back in trend and will cheer you up for your special day; especially if it’s a monsoon wedding. Let’s see how to go about the blossoming additions to transform you into a beautiful bride.

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#1. Wrapped around the bun

Vidya Balan

Bun never ceases to be in style. However, you can give this ever-evolving hairdo a twist with floral radiance. Cluster of orchids, roses or small lilies strung together around a taut bun will surely make for a dream wedding hairdo. What’s more? This lovely and eye-catching hairdo is just classy.

#2. A single big bloom

Madhuri Dixit Nene

To add an exotic vibe to your look; opt for a single flower as a headpiece. Just one hibiscus, rose or a daisy on a bun and you are done with your hairdo. This single-flower style looks modern and glam and will instantly turn you into a bohemian beauty. However, you have to be really adventurous and experimental to pull of this look and make sure you are comfortable sporting it.

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#3. Positioned on top of your hairdo

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Let your friends go green with envy with this floral fix. One bloom in any shade is just enough to add charm and vibrancy to an intricate hairdo. Whatever your hairstyle (the tied-up ones) is, a flower or two positioned on top of it will make a big impact. Try a large rose for a cute and creative style.

#4. Lace up the bun

Sonam Kapoor

A loose bun adorned with flowers at the nape of your neck looks wonderful. The magical roses or mogras woven into an arc form will jazz up your bridal hairdo. Though this hairstyle is stunning, be careful with the size and number of flowers. Your hairstyle must not turn into a garden with flowers all over.

#5. Weave it into a braid

Lara Dutta

Use an array of floral accents to perk up your braided do. The plait and petals will surely create the magic together. You can opt for evergreen jasmine flowers for that pretty subtle look. Or if you want to make it fancier and glam, opt for bold flowers like that of deep purple, burgundy and berry-coloured blooms to interlace them into your braid.

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#6. Waterfall style

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The flowers can add more effect to the intricate waterfall hairdo. The sweet and tinted flowers added to this style will make you look like an angel as you walk down the aisle. Placing small blooms on the waves will offer an interesting and unique touch to your wedding hairdo. Since the hairstyle is already flowery, opt for small and soft coloured flowers.

#7. Flowers throughout the waves

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Sweet little flowers all over your waves will make it much more subtle and sweet. Little flowers like tiny roses or rosebuds or baby’s-breath will offer your hairstyle a dainty look. As for colours, pink, white and fuchsia will look noticeable and enchanting. The glorious hairstyle is just apt for an unconventional bride.

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There must be thousands of unique hairstyles you must be having an eye on for your big day and with flowers the possibilities become all the more endless. Not all flowers might go well with your appearance and outfit. So, be selective as to which flowers and hairstyle to include.