Varun Sood And Divya Agarwal's Relationship Was Termed As Strategy, He Reveals The Reality


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Varun Sood And Divya Agarwal's Relationship Was Termed As Strategy, He Reveals The Reality

Ace of Space winner, Divya Agarwal and co-contestant, Varun Sood have been in the headlines for a long time now. Not just her, but Bigg Boss 11 contestants, Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla have also been the talk of the town for a while now. This is so far one of the most complicated relationships and the most talked about ones as well. Well, now one thing is for sure, Divya and Varun are a couple as she herself lately confirmed. 

And now, a famous online portal got in touch with Varun and he opened up about his relationship with Divya Agarwal. As a lot of viewers have termed their relationship as another move to grab attention, Varun, on this note retorted, “It was not at all a strategy, as the situations in the show are quite different and nobody can ever strategize and plan their moves. Whatever happened was pretty organic and gradual”. (You May Also Like: Deepika Padukone Turns Cheerleader For Ranveer Singh And The Expression On Her Face Is Priceless)

Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood

Further giving more explanation on the same, Varun added, “The Ace of Space house is such that all you can do in the house is think. One keeps on thinking hard about life, relationships, and everything. I also was quite occupied with various thoughts. In the house, I realised that I was running away from my feelings for Divya. After Benafsha cheated on me and hurt me terribly, I decided to not be in relationship ever again. In the show, Divya was constantly there for me, supporting me and making me feel great about my life”. (Checkout: Addite Malik Pens Down A Heart-Felt Birthday Message For Her Husband Mohit Malik As He Turns 35)

Varun Sood and Divya Agarwal at Prince-Yuvika's sangeet

Further when the handsome hunk was asked about his journey on the show, Ace of Space, he stated, “Initially, I thought space cannot affect a person’s mind. But during the course of the show, I was proven wrong. You are in a closed area for seventy days. You cannot go out or even open the doors according to your wish. It is one of the toughest reality shows, and I’m glad I did it and met amazing people in this journey”.

Divya Agarwal Is Miffed With 'Boyfriend' Varun Sood Upon His Growing Closeness With Chetna Pande

While talking to SpotboyE lately, Divya confirmed dating Varun and was quoted as saying, "Well, yes, we are a couple now. We are very much dating. I am glad that I am holding his hand and fighting the world. Our relationship will only get bigger and better and we plan to take it to the next level soon. It will just not stick for fun. Though we haven't discussed on all this, but I can tell you that we are serious about each other”.

She further went on to add, "Varun and I used to share an extremely great bond, outside also. Locked inside, you are not distracted. We are alone and thinking about only our lives. And if I am holding somebody's hand after that, I am sure that it's for forever." (Also Read: Anand Ahuja Shares Throwback Pic With Sonam Kapoor From Bali Holiday, It Made Her Miss Him 'So Much')

Divya Agarwal Confirms She Is Dating Varun Sood, Plans To Take Their Relationship To Next Level Soon

In the same interaction, Divya also revealed what made both of them fell for each other. The Ace of Space winner was quoted as saying, "People don't know this but before coming on this show--- Varun and I used to talk to each other for 4-5 hours in the night. I stay in Mumbai and he stays in Delhi, but we used to play 60s ke songs of Mohd Rafi and Mukesh and make each other hear them. So we were anyway very, very close pehle se. In fact, I would say we were just misunderstanding each other by calling each other as a best friend. The feeling was much more than that, and we realised that only in the show." (Do Check: Amitabh Bachchan And Aishwarya Rai Bachchan To Reunite After 11 Years For Mani Ratnam's Magnum Opus)

Divya Agarwal Confirms She Is Dating Varun Sood

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