Top 10 Beauty Products Grooms Must Steal From Their Brides To Look Best On Wedding Day


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Top 10 Beauty Products Grooms Must Steal From Their Brides To Look Best On Wedding Day

Gone are the days when grooming essentials for men were only limited to those found in their shaving kit. With time, men too have started paying attention to the needs of their skin and hair. And, this becomes all the more important when it comes to their wedding.

Dear grooms, it is not only your bride who has to worry about putting the best foot forward on the wedding day. All those cameras will be capturing you as well, from head to toe. So, if your grooming routine has not yet gone beyond a bar of soap and your shaving kit, then let us give you a list of must-have products to help you spruce up your look before your wedding.

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#1. Moisturiser with SPF

A good moisturiser is essential to keep your skin nourished and hydrated. And, the SPF content will protect your skin from harsh UV rays.

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#2. Face and body scrub

Your skin becomes dull with time as it gets covered with the dead skin cells. So, using a face as well as body scrub at least twice a week, is what your skin needs to feel fresh and rejuvenated.

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#3. A loofah or skin brush

It is not possible to use a body scrub daily. And, cleaning your body simply with soap does not remove excess dirt and dead skin. So, use a loofah or a body brush that removes all the harsh impurities from your body. If you are asking us why you need this, then think about your wedding night and beach honeymoon, and you will get the answer!

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#4. Foot scrub and cream

Just like your face, your feet too need proper care. So, invest in a foot scrub to remove the dead skin from your heels. Also, do not forget to apply a good-quality foot cream afterwards.

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#5. Cuticle and hand cream

Even if you like your hands to be as tough as possible, it is quite unlikely that your bride-to-be would want them to be rough. So, maintain your hands well with the help of a cuticle and hand moisturising cream. The nourishing ingredients of the cream will keep the skin of your hands hydrated.

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#6. Face cleaning wipes

They are handy, oil-free, and give your face a clean and refreshing feel anytime you need. What’s more? Their refreshing fragrance can also help you lessen the feeling of tiredness. Now, won’t that be a huge blessing while you roam around the city for your wedding shopping?

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#7. Tan removal products

Well, tanning is not something that only girls go through; after all, sun is never biased. As you step out, it is pretty normal for your skin to get tanned as well. So, remove it with various tan removal products such as creams, scrubs, lotions, etc., to get back the lost glow of your face before your wedding day.

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#8. Hair masks

If you are one of those men who think hair care is important only for women, then here is a piece of information for you. Your ignorance can leave your hair dry, rough, and can even lead to premature greying. And, grey hair would be the last thing you would want the cameras to capture. So, start using a hydrating hair mask to make sure that they stay healthy and lustrous.

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#9. Concealer

So, you think concealing dark circles and face marks is something that only your bride needs to worry about? Well, you are forgetting that the same cameras will be capturing every single detail of your look as well and freezing it forever in those wedding album. So, now you have a good enough reason to buy a good concealer for yourself as well.

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#10. Lip balm

Having chapped lips is not only painful, but is also a turn off. So, for soft and kissable lips, make sure you use a good quality lip balm. It would be even better if it has a light SPF as well. And don’t worry; it will not make you any less manly, just a bit more attractive, we say!

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Well, it is your wedding, and that is a good enough reason for you to make as much effort as your bride to look good. So, go ahead and buy these must-have grooming products, and make your lady love swoon over you once again!