16 Easy-To-Follow Grooming Tips For Men That Will Instantly Make Them Look Irresistible


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16 Easy-To-Follow Grooming Tips For Men That Will Instantly Make Them Look Irresistible

Most women are experts at beauty treatments, dressing well and grooming tricks, while most men are more laid-back and unaware of these. One reason behind it is that men are taught that they should look rough and tough, even though in reality, most women would love a well-groomed man. (But, she will reject you for these qualities for sure!).

And, the Internet is full of articles on how women should dress, what they should wear, how they should care for their skin and hair, and so much more! There are very few that help men out, and so, they generally are left behind and do not get to know much about how to groom themselves in a better way.

But, don’t you worry as we bring you the 16 easiest to follow grooming tricks that will make you more presentable and desirable too. So, here goes.

#1. When it comes to perfumes, old is gold

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Spraying the entire deodorant bottle will not get girls attracted to you like a magnet. Yes, the ads lied! All you need to put on is a few sprays of classic perfumes at the right spots to spread your magical scent in the air.

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#2. Get a good tailor, get the right fit

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Ill-fitted clothes, baggy trousers, coats that are ill-fitted at the shoulders, or trying to dress way under your age completely ruins your image and personality. Invest by going to a good tailor or by opting for a brand whose clothes are a proper fit for your body type. Look good to feel good and impress!

#3. Do not trim just the beard

Trim your nose and ear hair as well when they start sticking out. Imagine hair popping out of your nose every time you laugh and through your ears whenever you nod your head! You will look like a clown, right? So, trim them regularly. You can even get them removed permanently by going to a professional.

#4. Do not keep a beard only if it suits you

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Just because Shahid Kapoor rocks the beard look, it does not mean it will suit you too. If you look like Devdas instead, sad and shattered along with being slightly unhygienic and un-groomed, kindly shave it.

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#5. Groom those brows

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We do not mean that you should go to the parlour, even though you can if you want. But, you can just pull out the untidy hair around your brows using tweezers at home, or get a friend to help you to do it to look much more presentable.

#6. Always keep your beard clean!

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If you have found food lost in your beard after days of actually eating it, then you need to rethink your life. Kindly spare everyone around you the horror of seeing you like that, and either trim it off or get it groomed!

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#7. Semi-casual shirts are a must in your closet

T-shirts do not always cut it. But, the well-fitted semi-casual shirts do. They make you look chic, classy and elegant, all at the same time.

#8. Get a great pair of well-fitted jeans

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Everyone has to own one pair of the classic blue denim! You know the ones that just hug your legs in a way that you never want to be out of them? We are talking about just those!

#9. Do not take back acne lightly

If it spreads, it might cover your entire body and later need excessive medical treatment. So, if you spot any, get to the root cause and start taking a healthy diet and get fit. You do not want your girl to feel your back with acne!

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#10. There is nothing unmanly about getting your body hair waxed

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It is a personal choice, but a clean chest looks way hotter than a hairy one. And, getting it waxed and not using a razor is the right way to get a smoother look.

#11. Use a face wash

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It may not be as delicate as a girl’s, but the skin on your face is softer than that on the rest of your body. And, high pH-levels of soaps can destroy and rupture your skin. So, use a face wash to save your skin all the harshness.

#12. Avoid shaving every day, try using a trimmer instead

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Shaving everyday will eventually make your skin dry and rough. Try using a trimmer that will not only help you keep a well-groomed beard, but will also help you to try out new styles.

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#13. Do not pop your pimples

As much as you want to, you need to control yourself. Popping pimples not only leads to getting more, but also leaves dark marks on your face.

#14. When in doubt, wear a white T-shirt with blue jeans

Image Courtesy: Brock O'Hurn via Instagram (left), Lookbook (right)

Because this classic combination can never go wrong irrespective of your complexion, height or build. It is without a fail, a day-saver!

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#15. Shoe-socks-belt colour combination

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Make sure that you always wear the shoe-socks-belt combination in the matching colours, or at least in the same hues. Unless of course you want to look funky and make a statement of some kind.

#16. Spend well on your shoes

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Cheap shoes made out of substandard material not only causes pain and shoe bites, but also causes your feet to smell badly. It is better to own one good branded pair of shoes, than four cheap ones any day!

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These are very easy-to-follow tips that will make a huge difference not only in the way you look, but also in the way you feel. Your personality will be a better, bolder and brighter one with a few simple changes, and yes, you can thank us later for the way your partner reacts to a delicious new you!

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