10 Important Areas That Men Need To Groom Properly To Look As Dashing As A Superstar


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10 Important Areas That Men Need To Groom Properly To Look As Dashing As A Superstar

Dear men, we know that you think that unlike women, who have to make trips to the beauty parlours every month and shell out huge sums of money to groom themselves, you are just born lucky and fabulous and need to do nothing of that sort. But, we are happy to disappoint you. Even you need to put in efforts to groom yourself and maintain personal hygiene, unless you want to become a natural women-repeller!

So without further ado, here are the 10 most important yet easily ignored areas of grooming that men need to look after.

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#1. Fingernails

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Let us get some things straight here. Long nails look good on women, that too some women, not on men and secondly, beneath the long unmaintained nails are millions of bacteria that go into your mouth every time you eat something with your hands. Just so ewww!

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#2.  Nose Hair

Imagine while you are sitting out at this fancy open-air restaurant with the girl you like and the wind not only blows your hair, but gives her a glimpse of what lies in your nostrils! That is disgusting on so many levels dude! You have to trim them short.

#3. Eyebrows

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We do not mean that you need to go to the parlour and get your eyebrows shaped like some of us, but at least if you have bushy unruly brows, you can just use a tweezer and pluck out the ones that are making you look like a bear, at home itself.

#4. In Between The Toes

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Maybe you do wash your feet, but do you also pay attention to the space between your toes? That is where the sweat and dirt combines and makes your feet smell. Make sure you always clean that area nicely and apply some moisturiser over it too.

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#5. Ear Wax

If you do not clean your ears regularly, the wax in them will keep accumulating and cause ear infections. And, in worst case scenario cases, you can even become hard of hearing. Do we need to warn you more?

#6. Underarms

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You may think that it is a sign of your manhood, but keeping your underarms clean will help keep sweat and stink away.

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#7. Facial Hair

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We know, you do shave or trim your beard, but if you have dark hair growing all over your face, especially your forehead, clean them.

#8. Feet Care

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A regular pedicure, some moisturising, cutting your toenails regularly, and wearing clean socks every day is a must. Also, sun the shoes that you wear often to make them bacteria free every once in a while.

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#9. Back Acne

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You may not see it because it, but you can feel them while having bath. And if you do, then do not ignore them. If they are back acne, they can spread to the entire body and that to very quickly. Good hygiene will ensure you have a sexy back!

#10. Hair ‘Down There’

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Yes, you need to trim the hair down there too to avoid bad smell, fungal infections and also to keep the area dry and airy. That is all we have to say about it.

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And if you come to think of it, none of the above mentioned grooming areas take any extra effort or time. All you need to do is to make a conscious effort to take care of yourself and maintain a good personal hygiene.