Every Beauty And Makeup Tip All The Brides-To-Be Who Wear Contact Lenses Must Know


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Every Beauty And Makeup Tip All The Brides-To-Be Who Wear Contact Lenses Must Know

Which girl doesn’t want to look gorgeous and beautiful on her wedding day? The perfect wedding ensemble, pretty Cinderella like shoes and elegant makeup is what all women desire.

And in fact, you have replaced those eyeglasses with contact lenses, but what if you don’t know how to manage those lenses with makeup? Don’t worry, for all you brides, we have penned down some important things that you need to keep in mind when you apply makeup while wearing your contact lenses on your wedding.

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#1. Wash your hands

Throughout the day, you touch a thousand things and many a times you miss out washing your hands. You definitely would not like millions of bacteria to enter your eyes through your fingertips. So, before wearing lenses, wash your hands thoroughly.

#2. Always put on your lenses first

Put your lenses

Makeup experts always recommend to put on contact lenses before applying any makeup. Firstly, it will prevent your makeup from smudging when your eyes get watery. Secondly, it will be easy for you to put on makeup correctly and finely with a 6 by 6 vision.

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#3. Clean makeup tools

Thoroughly clean all your make up tools

When you are a to-be bride, makeup kit is used ample of times. Dust and dirt get clogged in the makeup brushes when used continuously. It is advised that all of you must clean the tools before applying makeup. And when you are wearing contact lenses, it becomes even more vital. You can immerse the makeup tools in hot water mixed with some gentle baby shampoo.

#4. Use cream-based eye shadows

Eye shadow of cream base

Just because you wear lenses doesn’t mean you can’t wear eye shadow. Imagine a bride without an eye shadow on her wedding day. Not cool right? So, instead of going for powder or glitter ones, opt for cream-based eye shadows that looks subtle and would not even harm your eyes.

#5. Use oil-free and waterproof mascara


Using mascaras with strong oil-based substances can cause it to flake, entering the eyes and causing irritation. Moreover, brides usually get emotional at the time of vidaai for obvious reasons. So, opting for waterproof and oil-free mascara while wearing contact lenses is the best option.

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#6. Never apply liner on your lower eye lid

No liner on lid

Applying eyeliner on the lower lid or the inner eye lid will definitely make your eyes watery because of the irritation. Rather, you can go for a neat line of the eyeliner below the lower eyelid, and fill in the gap with a waterproof kajal or just leave the space free.

#7. Always go for pressed powder

Pressed powder

Powder application using foam or a brush is important as the final step in makeup application to set the makeup. But if you are wearing contact lenses on your D-day, make sure you use pressed powder and not the loose one. It is because loose powder can easily enter your eye and can cause havoc.

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#8. Makeup removal

While removing your makeup, always remove the eye makeup first with a soft absorbent foam. Don’t use cotton as its strands might go into your eyes. After having done this, remove your lenses, and then continue to remove the rest of the makeup from your face.

#9. Go for disposable contact lenses

Disposable lenses

However careful one may be, dirt particles get transferred on to the lens and stay clogged on them till cleaned the next time. Thus, it is better to go for monthly disposable ones or one-day contact lenses.

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And, as a bride the most important thing is to always keep your specs, your lens case and lens cleaning solution handy. You never know when you might need them. 

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