8 Ways To Get Naturally Straight Hair At Home Using Ingredients From Your Kitchen Shelf

We bring to you a few homemade hair straightening recipes that will come to your rescue and save you from hair damage and of course, a hole in the pocket!


By Neelam Jain

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#1. Egg And Olive Oil

#1. Egg And Olive Oil

Eggs, as well as olive oil, are super-popular to re-texture your unruly hair. Loaded with proteins, eggs are a miraculous option to nourish your hair and adding olive oil to the awesome egg mask, can have extra benefits on your hair strands and roots. The combo can get moisture back into dull and damaged hair and make your locks look lustrous and repaired, thus giving it a straighter feel. Now, you can effortlessly run your fingers through your hair with this superb way out!

Method: For the magical hair transformation, mix a tablespoon of olive oil with egg yolk of 1 or 2 eggs in a bowl. You may add a little curd or water to the mixture. Blend the egg yolks and olive oil and apply it on your hair like a mask. Let the smooth paste remain on your hair for an hour, post which, wash it with normal water. You may shampoo your hair if you can’t stand the smell, else try waiting for a day before you use shampoo on your hair. The safe, natural and economical products will give you awesome results. Your hair will not only look shiny and silky but the method will also overcome the problem of hair fall.