13 Things You Will Relate To If You Are The First One To Get Married In Your Group


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13 Things You Will Relate To If You Are The First One To Get Married In Your Group

Being the first one in the group to get married can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. It is going to be a blast as all your friends are going to be there to help you in planning your big day. This is going to be a high-on-emotions journey with all your friends around you.

If you are the first member of the gang to get hitched, you will surely relate with the following!

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#1. The excitement is beyond the limit

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Needless to say, the excitement for your wedding is going to be unparalleled as you are the first one in the gang to get married. Your engagement news is going to make them scream inside out with happiness.

#2. Bachelorette fun

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You are in for a wild ride if you are the first one to get married. Your girl gang has been waiting to plan a bachelorette party for so long. Now that you have said "yes" to get married, they are going to make sure that your bachelorette party is amazing. After all, it is their first bachelorette party too!

#3. Attendance will be 100%

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You can be rest assured that your wedding is going to have a 100% attendance. Some people might even show up without an invitation! The craze of attending your wedding will be beyond measure.

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#4. No baby drama

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Since you are the first one to get married, there will be no baby drama. Your friends will be completely free to be a part of your big day and enjoy it with you. There will be no one asking for warm milk or baby food. It will just be your silly gang.

#5. Your wedding is going to make your friends think

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Everybody is going to think that you are a grown-up since you are ready to get married which will make them ponder a little more on this topic. They are going to freak out thinking whether they too are old enough to get married.

#6. Let's talk crazy sex ideas

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Isn't it obvious? There will be so many crazy sex ideas coming from your friends throughout your wedding celebrations. They will be feeding you with all the ideas that they have in their minds for their wedding night. You are in for a naughty ride.

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#7. You too will be freaking out because you are the first

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You might be really ecstatic about getting married, but seeing all your friends having fun will make you realise that you will not be single anymore. You will now be considered as a grown up by others and will have numerous responsibilities. You are going to freak out because you know that things will never be the same anymore. Your status quo with your friends will change.

#8. Everybody will be full of Ideas

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We all secretly plan our weddings in our minds. Since you are the flag-bearer of the wedding in your group, your friends will be sharing their so-far-unused and amazing ideas with you. A little bit of this and little bit that will give you the best wedding. You don't need a wedding planner when you have a lot of single friends.

#9. You will have your minions to run your errands

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Yes, you can smile like the devil. All your friends are single and excited about your wedding. All they want it to experience every part of your journey. They would love to take care of things for you. Trousseau, catering, decor, DJ, name it and your minions will take care of it.

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#10. Best sangeet ever

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One cannot deny that there is a huge difference between the way single people and married folks enjoy. As your sangeet will have a majority of single ones, there will be outstanding performances and unlimited fun.

P.S.: Single people tend to drink more. So, keep your bar stocked!

#11. Old memories will knock again

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Seeing all your friends under the same roof after a long time and having fun is going to be overwhelming. All the chais and samosas will make your home look like your college's canteen. Living those old days again will make you emotional.

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#12. Oh! The pampering

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When you are the first one in the group to get married, you are treated like a queen! Everybody is going to pamper you at all the times. All your needs will be taken care of. You will be showered with lots of love and care by your friends.

#13. Every friend will be in a single WhatsApp group

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School, college, office and even coaching classes, all your friends from different walks are going to make a Whatsapp group, so that they can stay connected with each other to plan a perfect wedding for you. There will be ideas flowing in from different directions and their sole aim would be to make your special journey memorable.

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With lots of highs and just a few lows, your wedding will be one of a kind. If you are the first friend to get hitched, your wedding will be wonderful. Your friends are going to make it memorable for you. Don't forget to thank them for their efforts!

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