10 Things You Need To Do If Your Parents Disapprove Of Your Boyfriend


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10 Things You Need To Do If Your Parents Disapprove Of Your Boyfriend

You meet a guy, find him wonderful, and you know deep down in your heart that he is the one you want to be with for the rest of your life and he too shares the exact same feelings. But, yours is not the only decision that matters; your parent’s call is important too! And, they may or may not approve of your choice. They might not see him and his qualities in the same way that you do. Maybe they want something else, something more for you, but you want only him. So what do you do in such a situation where you cannot disobey your parents, nor can you leave the love of your life?

Well, let us tell you the right way to tackle such an intense situation.

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#1. Be more open about your relationship with him in front of them

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From the time you decide to take your relationship to the next level, start talking about your guy at home. Let your parents know that he exists. Do not throw a surprise bomb on them all of a sudden, and say that you want to marry this guy, who is completely unknown to them. Keep them in the loop from the start.

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#2. Try to know why they do not like him

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When they say they do not like him, try to know what is bothering them without being pushy. Once you know the main reason for their decision, you can chalk out your plan B.

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#3. Think of the mindset they have grown up with

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Your parents might have grown up in an orthodox society; they might be traditional, not very comfortable with the idea of a love marriage, and might also be worried about ‘log kya kahenge’. Try to put yourself in their shoes before getting mad at them. It is difficult for a person to change their upbringing, attitude and state of mind in a day.

#4. Try to work on all the weak points

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If you know his profession, his dressing sense, his company, or his habits are the reason for which your parents are disapproving your choice, try to speak to him about it. If he loves you enough and knows that it is possible for making some changes without bringing his ego in between, some positive changes will take place. But, if it is your parents who are being unreasonable, then ask them to change their viewpoint, do not tell him to change.

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#5. Arrange for another meeting

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Do not lose hope! If the first one did not work, pull up your socks, up your game, be better prepared this time, and set up a new meeting for a fresh start.

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#6. Prepare him well for this time

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Think of all the things that went wrong the last time. Try to ignore controversial topics, keep the conversations light and fun, and do not talk only about marriage. Ask him to be his gorgeous best that he is in front of you!

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#7. If things still do not work out, do not criticise

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It is okay if the second meeting also gets screwed up. Good things take time to happen. Be strong, support each other, and show your parents that you will not go against them, but at the same time, you will make every effort to make them see what a wonderful person your boyfriend is.

#8. Know that all good things take time to happen and patience is the key!

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Be calm, be patient and be hopeful. Miracles take time to happen. You just keep putting in your best effort to convince them and leave the rest to God. If it is meant to be, it will happen and your parents will happily approve of him.

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#9. Do not try to force your decision on them

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They have brought you to this world, brought you up, and taken so many pains to make you the person you are, given up so many of their dreams to make yours come true, and so much more. Try to listen to what they have to say. Do not force your decision on them. Matters like this should be handled with love and patience.

#10. Relax and let them sort out a few things on their own

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You introduced them, took each’s side, and practically did your best to break the ice. Now let them both take it forward from here. They both love you enough to work it all out. So, just relax and think of all the good that is going to happen!

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Marrying someone is a big decision, one of the most important ones in life, and so it should be done with the support and blessings of one’s parents. If your folks too are being difficult to convince, follow the above tips, if you want to hear your wedding bells ringing really soon!

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