16 Things You Totally Relate To If You Are Trying To Lose Weight


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16 Things You Totally Relate To If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

Losing weight is not an easy task at all. And, when the one who is struggling to lose weight is a big time foodie, it becomes even more difficult. Having said so, there are many people who have lost weight and are fitter than before, take examples of our bollywood celebs Bhumi Padnekar, Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra and many more.

All it requires is the three D’s – Dedication, Determination and Discipline. It’s just that you have to make up your mind and simply stick to the rules. There are ample of things that happen with those who are losing weight. We have penned down 16 such things, we are sure you would relate to many of them.

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#1. Haftey mein ek din tikki-chaat chalta hai!

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

OBVIOUSLY! Since you have been keeping your hands off the greasy food and want to treat your taste buds with something chatpata at least once in a week.

#2. Weight kar ke dekhti hu

Weight loss secrets

Weighing machine is your new best friend and you weigh yourself every day to see if you have lost weight even if by a few grams or not.

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#3. I’ve lost x kilos in a month- calls for a party!

Weight loss secrets

Even if you want to party hard for this, you will keep oscillating about it. The reason is that you know throwing a party will mean you’ll load up on calories and be back to where you began.

#4. Selfies to document the lost weight

Bhumi Padnekar

Every girl does that because she wants to show her weight loss journey to the world, which comes across strongly only through 'before and after' pics!

#5. Being in a state of paranoia

Weight loss secrets

I am not losing weight at all! This happens, but you need to totally understand that losing weight isn’t easy and you have to only work extra hard to get a toned body. Those squats, circuit routine and cardio are all worth it. Just don’t give up!

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#6. I’ll take green tea or any other herbal tea you have!

Weight loss secrets

Initially you had a tough time swallowing the green tea sans sugar, but now you prefer green tea over everything else.

#7. She eats so much, why is she not fat?

Gif via Tumblr

Gif via Tumblr

Some people have a different body structure and metabolic rate or for that matter, it’s in their genes. They can load up on calories and still not get the bulge. Focus on your weight loss journey and forget about the world.

#8. You cringe when someone asks you if you’re on a diet

Image Couretsy: Instagram

Image Couretsy: Instagram

Yes, I am and no I’ll not reveal what my diet plan is. And hey, I do workout as well, get that!

#9. When baaju waali aunty says, "beta weight lose kar liya kya?"

Weight loss secrets

Of course you have glittery eyes because someone is finally noticing the change in you.

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#10. You don’t disclose where you gym

Weight loss secrets

When someone (especially your colleagues) asks you about which gym you go to, you just change the topic of conversation, right?

#11. You reward yourself with a pat on the back for not giving into temptations

Weight loss secrets

Yeah! Sometime you do this and not reward yourself with food that your gluttonous stomach craves for.

#12. You’ve thought of liposuction surgery

Weight loss secrets

At least you have thought of it! After all you want to work on your body and lose weight more naturally irrespective of the amount of time it takes. Bravo girl!

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#13. You dream of a wardrobe clean-up

Weight loss secrets

Yes, you do give away old clothes to friends and family who would fit into them.

#14. You’re buying new clothes for motivation to fit into them

Weight loss secrets

Every one of us who has lost weight has kept motivation levels high by buying clothes to fit in only after weight loss goals are met.

#15. You preach the difference between weight loss and inch loss like a BOSS!

Weight loss secrets

Apparently because half the world doesn’t know it!

#16. To hell with what people think of my body, I love it the way it is!

Weight loss secrets

To hell with what people, let them say all they can. I am gonna embrace my body.

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Now whether or not you’re losing any weight or inches, just make sure you’re not stressing about it so much. Just try and set realistic goals with your dietician or your instructors. You will definitely figure a way out.   



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