7 Lifestyle Changes To Lose Weight When Your Weight Loss Journey Hits The Plateau


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7 Lifestyle Changes To Lose Weight When Your Weight Loss Journey Hits The Plateau

Human anatomy is complex. No two bodies are the same. We all want to stay fit, but for that, just eating right and proper exercise is not good enough. Even after having done everything right, we get stuck more than often.

For the health conscious ones, 'plateau' is the worst term. ‘To hit the plateau’ means that your body has reached a point where it finds it difficult to lose more weight. Breaking a plateau isn’t easy but it isn’t unattainable as well. Try the following steps to break the plateau.

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1. Make sure that you have actually hit the plateau

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Before you decide that your progress has stopped, take a step back and analyse. At times, the scales don’t show the real improvement. Fat loss and weight loss aren’t constantly in sync. There can be many possibilities if your scales are not budging. You might be losing fat and gaining muscle weight, which is ideal.

2.  Adjust your calorie intake

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Following the same diet can make you hit the plateau more often. You need to keep on adjusting your calorie intake to avoid such a situation. Your body requires lesser energy for the functioning as you lose weight. So, eat according to the needs of your current body. Since you need less energy, decrease your calorie intake.

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3.  Change your workout routine

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Just like the diet, following the same workout routine for ages will only exhaust you without giving any result. Change the way you have been working out. Try a new activity like aerobics, Zumba or maybe rock climbing. Since your body will be introduced to something new, it will require more energy than usual which will break the plateau.

4.  Take proper sleep

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Proper sleep is imperative for a healthy fat loss. Your muscles need time to recover after exercise. Lack of sleep can make you feel dizzy and play havoc with your metabolism. Also, when you are asleep, your body repairs the cells which require energy. Therefore, even while you are asleep, you are burning calories.

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5. Give in to the indulgence

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If you have been eating well and working out as well but are unable to break the plateau, you should try to give in to your indulgences. Have a cheat day and you will be equipped to lose weight. The idea behind this is that your body demands more energy to digest fat. It will be like giving your metabolism that much-needed kick.

6. Try detox

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Irrespective of whether we workout and eat healthy every day, our body produces some toxins as a defence mechanism that needs to be flushed out. Detoxification is a must for a healthy weight loss. If you feel that you are stuck, try a one-day detox. Not only will it help you break the plateau, but will make your skin glow as well.

7. Cut back on salt

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We always endorse how cutting back on sugar will give you a flatter tummy and end up neglecting the other culprit, that is, salt. Salt can be the reason behind water retention which hampers the weight loss. Salt intake can lead to bloating as well. So, try to avoid it for a day and then see the result.

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Try a little harder and we are sure that you will be able to reach your desired goal. We understand that at times it can get hard but you have come a long way. Just a little more and you will emerge as a winner.

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