Brown Sugar Or White Sugar, This Is The Healthier Option Among The Two!


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Brown Sugar Or White Sugar, This Is The Healthier Option Among The Two!

The debate that our minds go through when we enter a departmental store and stand in front of the shelves selling brown and white sugar can prove out to be pretty tiring. More often than not, our prejudiced mind makes us pick up the brown one choosing “health” over “taste.” For all the fitness enthusiasts out there, the choice of choosing between brown and white sugar has always been a persistent question.

In fact, we have all read and heard so much about the two kinds of sugar that at the end it all becomes a concoction of confused mystery. But, don’t worry anymore as we have got you covered. After undergoing a detailed survey, we are going to give a detailed account of the goods and bads of both types of sugar, and also talk about the one you should prefer. Below, we have discussed in detail about which one is better and a healthier option to pick. Scroll down and read on to know!

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Difference in the process of making white and brown sugar

Brown Sugar or White Sugar

Both brown and white sugar are a by-product of the extraction of sugarcane. For making white sugar, sugarcane juice is first extracted and turned into crystals. Then, to wash off the dirt, these crystals are run through hot water. The big crystals are further processed and grinded to form different sizes of white sugar granules.

Brown Sugar or White Sugar

Whereas, brown sugar is prepared by adding molasses to white sugar crystals. The more the amount of molasses, the darker will be the colour. While white sugar is white, sweeter and dry; brown sugar is generally lumpy, less sweet and brown in colour.

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Appearance and taste

Brown sugar or white sugar

White sugar is always white and sweeter in comparison to brown sugar which is also known as raw sugar. Whereas, brown sugar is brown in colour and a little less sweet than the white sugar. While the white sugar is generally dry, the brown version is generally quite lumpy due to the presence of moisture and water content.

Brown sugar or white sugar

The difference in the appearance and taste of both of the sugars is mainly because of the fact that brown sugar goes through less chemical process than white sugar. And secondly, because of the molasses present in each. Many people prefer white sugar over brown sugar only because of the colour difference between the two. Since brown sugar adds a slight brown touch to whatever you add it in, people end up using white sugar to let the original colour of the dish remain unchanged.

Brown sugar vs white sugar

Brown Sugar or White Sugar

Brown sugar contains molasses which are essentially rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium etc. There is no such healthy ingredient/by-product in sugar which makes it nutritious. However, the amount of molasses is so restricted in brown sugar that it does not boost or help in your weight regulation.

Calorie count

Brown Sugar or White Sugar

As per the research that was done by US Department of Agriculture, there is not a striking difference between the two forms of sugar per serving. It was observed that 100 gms of brown sugar has 377 calories and 100 gms of white sugar has 387 calories.

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As per a study published in New York Times, both brown and white sugar contains molasses but the difference between the two is not stark to have any immediate effect on the body. The study further reveals that while brown sugars contain 10 percent molasses, the molasses’ content in white sugar is not far behind and trail closely with 5 percent.

In a nutshell

Brown sugar or white sugar

  • Brown sugar has more liquid content than white sugar
  • It also has 0.25 percent fewer calories than white sugar per gram
  • The sweetness in brown sugar is restricted which is not the case in white sugar
  • Has slightly more mineral content than white sugar
  • Brown or raw sugar goes through less chemical process in comparison to white sugar granules
  • Contains tiny bits of syrups due to molasses which are not present in white sugar granules

The verdict

Let’s not get fooled by which form of sugar – white or brown – has more nutritional value or has less calorie content. If you are opting for brown sugar in everything, you are stabilising your calorie content only marginally. Any form of sugar (white or brown) and an overdose of sugar hampers with weight loss process of your body. But having said that, because of the above-said reasons, though negligible, brown sugar is a healthier option for you. However, if you end up adding an extra dose of brown sugar considering it to be “healthy” you’d just be back to square one. Hence, no matter which kind of sugar you choose to use, use it in moderation.

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Any form of sugar and overdose of sugar hampers with the weight loss process of your body. But having said that, because of the above-said reasons, though negligible, brown sugar is a slightly better option than white sugar. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.