Kareena's Battle Rope Workout Technique Is Best Way To Tone A Body And Lose Weight


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Kareena's Battle Rope Workout Technique Is Best Way To Tone A Body And Lose Weight

Ask anybody and they will tell you that their biggest desire is either to lose some weight or to stay fit for the rest of their life. Though this doesn't seem like a big deal, we all know that losing weight is not a piece of cake.

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In the world of fitness, the new trend is battle rope workout. It is a high-intensity workout, which gives you the benefits of cardio training and tones your body too. You can read more about it here:

Benefits of a battle rope workout

Battle Rope Workout

As the name suggests, the battle rope workout is done with the help of a battle rope. Although battle rope workout is not a new trend, it has gained popularity recently when lots of stars like Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora and Kishwer Merchant shared their battle rope workout videos.

Battle Rope Workout

Battle ropes give you the benefits of a full body workout. They offer full body strength while raising your heart rate so that you can enjoy the benefits of cardio as well. They are great if you are targeting your core area as you utilise the strength of your core to move the heavy ropes. As you move these ropes up and down, you get to tone your arms, upper back and chest area too. It is perfect for those who have been struggling with upper body fat.

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What do you need and how it works?

Battle Rope Workout

The best thing about battle rope workouts is that you don't need to make any huge investments. All you need are nylon ropes which are easily available at any fitness or hardware store. A longer rope will give you better benefits but if you have limited space, a smaller one will work too. You can get these ropes fixed on the wall or you can just use a pole to hold your rope.

Battle Rope Workout

With a single rope, you can do a lot of variations. Make sure that you do all the variations in squat position. Some of them are:

  • Wave: This is the most basic battle rope exercise. All you have to do is to make waves with these ropes using both of your hands. You can even create alternate waves. This is perfect when you are targetting biceps along with the core.
  • Slam: Lift both the ends of the rope over your head and slam them on the ground with full force. This will build your back muscles too.
  • Circles: Create individual circles using your hands to tone your core and shoulders. You can start with smaller circles and make bigger ones with practice. Create both inward and outward circles.
  • Slam Jump: In this one, you will be working on your glutes, calves, back and core. Instead of a normal slam, jump along with the rope. This is a very intense version.
  • Rope Jacks: If you really want to feel the power of these battle ropes, hold one end of the rope in each hand and do some jumping jacks. This is a total body workout.

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Why should you give it a try?

Battle Rope Workout

Battle rope workout is a complete workout as you get to lose weight while strengthening your core. You don't need to burn holes in your pocket to buy the required equipment. There are so many variations that you can do with just a simple rope, and it is easy to use. It will give you a total body benefit as you can work on your legs, arms, back, shoulders and core with battle ropes. Anyone can do this workout

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All the celebrities, whether they are from Bollywood, Hollywood or the small screen are including battle ropes in their fitness regime. Give it a try and we are sure that you will see a tremendous result in the shortest period of time.