The Real Unheard Story Of Hrithik Roshan And Sussane Khan's Divorce


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The Real Unheard Story Of Hrithik Roshan And Sussane Khan's Divorce

Just a week before his 13th wedding anniversary (December 20), Hrithik Roshan, announced something that stunned his fans everywhere.

The golden couple of Bollywood, Hrithik and Sussanne, had decided to end their 17 year long relationship (which includes four years of their courtship). And within minutes of their statements, the media was rife with speculations. While some alleged that Hrithik’s rumoured affairs with his co-stars was the reason, others claimed that is was a cheap publicity stunt. 

Hrithik & Sussanne Officially Divorced!

After being separated for almost an year, on the morning of November 1, 2014, Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan's divorce was finalised in the family court in Mumbai. Hrithik Roshan's lawyers,  Mrunalini Deshmukh and Deepesh Mehta, have been quoted saying, 

The court has granted divorce to both of them. Today at around 10:30 am, all things were done. It was a divorce by mutual consent.

The estranged couple coming out of the Bandra family court after the final hearing

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Talking about the details related to alimony, they further added,

They (Hrithik-Sussanne) have got divorced in a very unique and elegant way where there is no alimony and not a single document drawn up between them.

Though other details of their divorce settlement have not been revealed further, but it has been revealed that the couple would be sharing the custody of their two kids- Hrehaan and Hridaan. Lawyer, Mr. Mehta also added,

They have joint custody. Whenever and whoever wants to be with the kids, can be with them.

Talking about the couple's behaviour in handling the entire issue, their lawyers said,

It is all on the basis of trust, respect and faith. This is an example they have set on how a couple should part ways in an elegant and classy way.

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Well, read here the entire journey of Hrithik-Sussanne towards the split:

Divorce proceedings

Well, four months after breaking the news of their separation, the couple officially filed for a divorce by mutual consent in the Bandra court. At that time, the couple's lawyer had made the following statement in the media, 

They have filed for divorce by mutual consent. The counsellor has submitted the report and the next hearing will take place on October 31. The custody of their kids, Hrehaan and Hridaan, has been awarded to Sussanne.

When this report came forth, all the hopes that their fans held in their hearts of seeing the couple get back together, received an 'official' setback. 

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The 400 cr. alimony

On July 28, 2014, Sussanne reportedly demanded a whopping 400 crore from Hrithik as alimony. And, it might not be come as a surprise to many that Hrithik, who has always been known as a doting husband and father, has agreed to give 380 crore in settlement to his now ex-wife, Sussanne Khan.

Two days after the reports of Sussanne asking for the 400 crore alimony, Hrithik had broken his silence and rubbished them to be a rumour. On his Twitter profile, the actor had written,

Fabricated news articles. Demeaning my loved ones. Testing my patience.

What's more? A leading daily has also quoted a source close to the couple, who revealed;

Finance and money has not even so far been a topic of discussion between Hrithik and Sussanne. They have even left it out of court because it does not hold any importance to them. Hrithik being the person he is, would do anything to ensure that his family is happy and well looked after. Sussanne too is an independent working girl who has her own business. Any talk of money or dispute over settlement is ridiculous and fabricated.

Warning signs of the split

Sussanne had abruptly left her father-in-law, Rakesh Roshan’s 64th birthday party hosted in Blue Sea, Mumbai. Earlier in 2013, she was also missing from the Ganesh Visarjan celebrations of the Roshan family. Hrithik’s tweet also set a lot of tongues wagging, he says:

Just a thought - your life is less about you and more about the people around u who love you!

Before Hrithik had issued a statement about their divorce, Sussanne had moved out of their house with their children and was living with her parents.

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The Truth: Real side of the story

What the couple has to say:

Hrithik shocked everyone on December 13, through an official statement about his marriage, saying,

Sussanne has decided to separate from me and end our 17-year relationship. This is a very trying time for the entire family.

A little after Hirthik’s statement, Sussanne too made an official statement saying,

We are two individuals who respect and care for each other and have made our own individual choices. We are parents to two wonderful kids and our responsibility remains to protect and take care of them. Nothing can change that. Would appreciate if we are given our privacy in such a time. Thank you for your warmth and concern for both of us and the family.

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Sussanne’s friends are angry about Hrithik’s statement:

While other couples of Bollywood who were or are headed for divorce always tell the press that their decision was mutual, Hrithik’s statement clearly puts the blame of the split on his then wife Sussanne alone. This was seen as quite an uncharitable act by Sussanne’s friends.

One of Sussanne’s friends was quoted saying,

I am shocked that he sent out a statement like this. I am sorry, but it seems like he is seeking sympathy. Also, there was no need to stress that he still believes in the institution of marriage. Does that mean that Sussanne doesn’t? We are all shaken by his stance. She has stood by him through a lot of rough times. She never went to the press and ‘blamed’ him for anything and she expected the same from him.

The couple did try to resolve their issues:

Hrithik and Sussanne, despite issuing a press release about their separation back in December, 2013, still had not given up on each other. Sussanne’s sister, Farah Khan had tweeted,

Everything in this world is as permanent or as temporary as we see it. Would like to request the media/friends to be sensitive to the fact that there are two innocent children involved and no one can predict the future.

Even Sussanne's father, veteran actor Sanjay Khan at that time had quoted

They both are intelligent and wonderful people. It is just that they need space. Of course this is not a closure. They respect each other. To resolve issues, may be this is what they thought was good.

Was it Hrithik's fault?

Hrithik’s alleged affairs with Kareena Kapoor and Barbara Mori:

Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor have always shared a sizzling chemistry on-screen, before and after Hrithik’s marriage, and it is no wonder that the media was abuzz about a possible affair. However, to put an end to this, the two actors decided to not sign any more movies together. In fact, Zoya Akhtar’s Kismet Talkies, a film that was supposed to star them was also shelved because of this!

After Kareena, it was Hrithik’s bold chemistry with his Kites (2010) co-star Barbara Mori, which again made the media speculate about his ‘marital bond’. When Kites was being shot, Sussanne had left the couple’s residence and had gone to live with her parents. When the rumours started talking about Hrithik and Barbara’s affair, Rakesh Roshan issued a statement saying that Sussanne had left because their house was under renovation. Soon after the film was released, Sussanne and Hrithik were again spotted together and the rumour mill was put to rest then.

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The Kangana Angle

truth behind hrithik roshan and suzzanne khan-kangana ranaut

All the scandal that has ensued in the previous few days- Kangana Ranaut calling Hrithik her 'silly-ex', Hrithik Roshan retaliating that he would rather 'date a pope' and the legal notices from both the parties suing each other is indicator enough that they both indeed were dating each other whiler Hrithik  as still married to Sussanne. And a close source to Sussanne recently revealed that she had asked Hrithik several times about the alleged affair and ghe always replied with "kuch nahi".

Was it Sussanne's fault?

Sussanne’s alleged ‘closeness’ with Arjun Rampal:

A lot of people claimed that the couple had decided to split because Sussanne was apparently getting close to Arjun Rampal. But, Arjun told the media that he came to know about the couple’s split at the same time as the media. He said,

Mehr and I wish them only peace and love through these times, and support them as friends should and we wish them and their families well, always. It is very sad when friends close to you take a decision to separate. These are the hardest times for them and we must be sensitive towards this decision, rather than creating speculation and rumours.

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...Or a publicity stunt?

Some people thought that Hrithik-Sussanne’s split was just a cheap publicity stunt when the news broke last year. Even in 2010, when reports of actor’s glaring chemistry with Babrara surfaced, many held that it was a way for producers to generate publicity for their upcoming film.

But, what did Hrithik need publicity for, at that time? Krrish 3 was a huge success already and he did not have any upcoming movies that were close to release during that time. In fact, the actor was undergoing treatment in the U.S. So we say, the split that took place back in December, last year was definitely not a publicity stunt.

Family's reaction

During an interview, Hrithik's father, Rakesh Roshan, was questioned about his son and daughter-in-law, Sussanne Roshan's separation. He politely replied:

My wife and I want Hrithik to be happy and at peace with himself, no matter what. My blessings are with Hrithik. Whatever he does in life, my wife and I want him to never change. He's kind, helpful generous. He deserves happiness.

When Sussanne's father and veteran actor, Sanjay Khan was repeatedly asked about his daughter's decision to end her 17 year old union with Hrithik, all he had to say was:

Like any other normal couple they also have some issues. Just because Hrithik is a superstar, doesn't mean he will not have personal issues. They both are intelligent and wonderful people. It's just that they need space. Of course this is not a closure. They respect each other. To resolve issues, may be this is what they thought was good.

Sussanne's mother Zarine Khan, whom Hrithik adores and adresses as 'mom', too was recently quizzed about her relationship with him. Almost two years after her daughter's separation, Zarine still holds a special place in her heart for ex son-in-law, as she says:

We have been friends since years. He is the father of my grandchildren and we are bonded for life. We are truly bonded and we are happy with the most innermost circle. I feel that family is with you in times of stress and happiness, so you have got to be together all the time.

Together again?

Well yes, it all began when Hrithik and Sussanne were seen partying together on May 1, 2016. However, the reason behind them being together was not the love for each other, but the love for their son, Hridhaan, whose birthday was on the same day. And, to put an end to all the rumours, Sussanne tweeted the following message:

sussanne khan

Well, after Hrithik and Sussanne's divorce, we just hope that the two are able to provide their children with equal attention and love in the long run. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.