6 Terrible Reasons You Should Never Give To Get Married


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6 Terrible Reasons You Should Never Give To Get Married

They say that marriages are made in heaven, what’s left to us is to meet our destined partner. How you meet your life partner is destiny’s game. You might be lucky enough to find your soulmate yourself at a young age, or your destiny has other plans for you which hint towards an arranged marriage. Whatever be the way, getting married for the right reasons such as being in love or being mentally, emotionally and financially ready to settle down is what matters.

But sometimes, the reasons for which one thinks of settling down are really unreasonable. Here are some of those reasons you should definitely not consider in order to get married.

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#1. The fear of ending up alone

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Sometimes, the pain of a long-term relationship that ended on a bad note can leave a fear in your mind of never being able to love or to be in a relationship again. Also if one has never dated anyone in his or her entire life, the fear of not being attractive enough seeps in. It is entirely in your hand to stop that from happening. Boost up your confidence, be hopeful and love will find its way to you.

#2. Because all your other friends are getting married

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Okay! So we do understand that all your other friends are either married or are about to walk down the aisle, but that is no reason for you to do the same. Peer pressure can influence you, but not for a thing as serious as marriage. Think wisely before following the crowd. Marriage is not something that is in fashion and so must be followed!

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#3. Because you feel obliged

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Just because you have been in a relation with your partner for a long time now does not mean you are obliged to get married. Sometimes, after spending a long duration of time with one another, instead of deciding to spend the rest of your lives together, you may realise how different you are and that being together no longer makes you happy. If you actually want to oblige each other, call it quits rather than spoil two lives by getting married.

#4. Because of family pressure

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In the Indian traditional family set up, family pressure to get married is as strong for men as it is for the women. But it is you who has to tie the knot and spend the rest of your life being married and therefore, it is also you who has to decide if you are ready to take the plunge? Are you mentally prepared to get married, do you actually love your partner or is it just because you are being forced to do so? Think wise and act wiser!

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#5. Because the idea of being married fascinates you

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There are a lot of things that may fascinate you like getting a designer bag, going on a vacation, buying a luxury car, etc; but keeping marriage away from this list would be a good idea. Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities, adjustments and expectations. Getting married just because it gives you a high would be the biggest mistake of your life.

#6. Because the invitation cards have reached your guests

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All the wedding arrangements are done, the invitations have been sent out, even the guests have started to book their reservations for their journey and it is now that you realise what a big mistake you are about to make by getting married. Whatever be the reason for this change of mind, if the feeling is genuine and strong then it is better to walk out rather than regretting your whole life. Would you choose to be unhappy your whole life just to save yourself from a little public humiliation? The decision is yours to make.

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Always remember, what’s meant to be will eventually happen. So be patient, be hopeful and settle down for all the right reasons.

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