Sushant Singh Rajput's Brother-In-Law, OP Singh Pens A Memoir For His 'Warrior Prince'

Late Bollywood actor, Sushant Singh Rajput's brother-in-law, OP Singh penned a note for his 'Warrior Prince'. Check it out!


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Sushant Singh Rajput's Brother-In-Law, OP Singh Pens A Memoir For His 'Warrior Prince'

No amount of words can ever do justify to the extraordinary life led by late Bollywood actor, Sushant Singh Rajput. He came like a storm of happiness and had made a permanent place in the hearts of his millions of fans across the world. Its been more than a month, and his fans and well-wishers are still fighting to get justice for him and to know the truth behind his untimely mysterious death. His fans are running social media campaigns to get a CBI enquiry for him as they think it is a clear case of murder. However, that's a topic for some other time, as we are here to share with you a heartfelt memoir written by Sushant Singh Rajput's brother-in-law, OP Singh. (Recommend Read: Bigg Boss 11' Fame, Sapna Choudhary Shares' Sindoor' Clad Pictures, Netizens Ask, She Got Married?)

Sushant Singh Rajput's brother-in-law, OP Singh is the Police Commissioner of Faridabad. And just like Sushant's entire family, he is also not able to believe that the boy with the charming smile is no more with us. He penned his deepest emotions and shared how the 10-year-old, Sushant had made a life-long impression in his mind.

A BollywoodLife report stated that OP Singh had seen Sushant Singh Rajput at the age of 10 in 1995 at his own wedding. His memoir can be read as "Sushant was a set of brilliant traits. He had the courage to believe that something as elusive as movie stardom in a fluid industry like Hindi cinema is an achievable outcome. He had the heart to go get it. His spectacular campaign was nothing less than scaling Mt Everest bare-footed. The reward was a sense of accomplishment that para-droppers can never experience. He was an effortless showman. The first time I had a glimpse of it was on 24 May 1995. Wearing dark shades and knotted handkerchief as neck-over, he was setting the stage on fire. He was barely ten years then, and the famous number was “tu cheez badi hai mast mast”. The atmosphere was electric. The occasion was my marriage to his sister, twelve years ahead of him. I instantly knew that he was not ordinary."

He further shared that Sushant used to love hearing 'waah-waah' at family get-together after reciting Urdu-couplets, "For the next seven years, he was largely his sister’s brother. Bogged in a taxing job that consumed almost all my energy and time, I did notice his natural flair to entertain in family get-togethers. He loved Urdu couplets and loved even more wah-wah that he so effortlessly harvested. A grade-conscious student and a razor-sharp mind, the first time he came over to my place was in the year 1999. A police commando was shadowing him during his train journey but thieves had better of the two as both fell asleep. He reached home bare-footed and empty-handed, grinning ear-to-ear. He loved cars. One fine morning, he sped away with the one in the garage. I learned about it when somebody told me that he had bumped the car into a roundabout. I paced up and down on the gate itself of my colossal official residence, rehearsing a scolding for his recklessness. He came home, one more time, on foot; one more time, grinning ear-to-ear. Eyes met and the heart melted. He was too good to be chided." (Also Read: Tiger Shroff's Mom, Ayesha Warns Anurag Kashyap To Not Mess With Her Son, He Ends Up Saying Sorry)

OP Singh further shared how Sushant from a carefree boy became responsible after his mother's death, "Like any other of his age, all that he looked forward to in those days was an admission in some engineering college. But he was unlike others as he kept a chart in his pocket. It had the roadmap of his way to the highest office in the land! Then came year 2002. He lost his mother who he loved so dearly. It left him stunned and inconsolable. Turning his eyes away from the body, he hesitated for a while for the last rites. A child’s mind could not think of consigning a body, that he adored as his mother only a couple of hours ago, to flames. But he quickly gathered himself. His usual butter-face turned steely as he calmly lit the pyre. For weeks, his grins disappeared. Couplets for all reasons and seasons stopped coming forth. The very purpose of his life - to make his mother feel proud of him one day - seemed to have evaporated."

OP Singh's emotional memoir for Sushant's concluded as he wrote, "We, in the family, see him as a warrior prince. He fought bravely. He won famously. In the process, he suffered battle injuries that turned out to be fatal. We love him, so we miss him unbearably. But as a family that believes in value-creation and problem-solving, we assure him that the pursuit of excellence will continue. We see him in the league of Bruce Lee. Living short but making it large!" (Don't Miss: Suhana Khan's Comment On BFF, Ananya Panday's Monochrome Picture Is Every Bestie Ever)

Well, Sushant and his glorious legacy will always be missed!