Sushant Singh Rajput Has A Wonderful Reply When Asked About Working With His Ex-Ankita Lokhande


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Sushant Singh Rajput Has A Wonderful Reply When Asked About Working With His Ex-Ankita Lokhande

Just like two people, who are wonderful in their own individual ways but not together, this now estranged couple are doing exceptionally well in their private and professional lives, but again, after parting ways. Millions of hearts were shattered when Sushant had proposed to his then girlfriend, Manikarnika star, Ankita Lokhande on national television. And after living in together for many years, this duo called off their relationship. (Do Read: Nishka Lulla Shares The First Picture Of Baby Girl Miraya, Says The 1-Month Old Loves Dancing)

With no terms as such, Sushant and Ankita went on to lead their respective lives peacefully. While Sushant kept on bagging one role after the other and making his mark in Bollywood. Ankita, on the other hand, went for a huge transformation and soon, starred in a big budget Bollywood film, Manikarnika. And ever since, this ex-couple has been seen indulging in some form of communication. Remember when Ankita’s first look from Manikarnika was released, the Kedarnath actor had commented on the picture, “It looks absolutely great Ankita. I am extremely happy to see this. May God bless you with lots of success and happiness." To which, Ankita had replied, "Thank you Sushant. I wish you the same."

Sushant Singh Rajput comments on Ankita Lokhande's bollywood debut look

Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput

The once couple had created magic on the screen with Pavitra Rishta and the show too, had played Cupid for them in real life. With both making their mark in Bollywood now, what do you think are the chances that you might get to see them sharing screen space once again? Commenting about the same, Ankita had shared with TOI, “As an actor, I have no choice. If the script is good I will definitely work with him.” And now, Sushant too sharing similar views, “Yes! Kaam ke liye kabhi na nahi kar sakte hai, kisi ke liye bhi.”

Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput

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Well guys, there are high chances you might get to see them on the screen soon and what a treat would it be for our eyes! Ankita and Sushant’s relationship went kaput after 6 years of togetherness. Speaking about her breakup with Sushant, Ankita had once shared, “Back then, I was trying to be a homemaker and doing a very big job. When I was working, I was satisfied; when I wasn’t, I was still happy. I’m okay with whatever I do. Aisa kabhinahin tha ki mujhe yeh chahiye ya woh chahiye. I decided to take a break because I was happy with that then. It was not just for myself. I guess, the Universe wanted me to get back professionally, which is why I’m here now. I won’t say the break-up affected my profession, though. Love and work are two separate things. You need to balance them and I’ll say I wasn’t able to do that."

Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande

Speaking about his breakup, Sushant had once shared, "It is very important to give time to a relationship. It can sustain if there are no expectations. When you are in love you care about your partner and wish for good memories with him or her. Therefore time is like an investment in any relationship. We run after psychological security which will never last long. Most of the actors only want to speak about themselves and have become self-obsessed. They want to be heard only. Today, people no longer have listening power." (Must Read: Karan Johar's Twins Yash And Roohi Turn 2, Varun Dhawan And Many More Celebs Attend The Grand Bash)

Sushant Singh Rajput And Ankita Lokhande

In an interview last year (2018), Ankita had talked about love and this generation and stated, “Unlike earlier, today, people are suffering from many insecurities. Also, people have many options. Yeh nahi to woh mil jayega… lifestyles have also become different in Metros. If you consider a small city like Indore, break-ups are not so common there. I remember my parents, like any normal couple, had their share of fights, but getting separated was never an option. Today, marriages as old as 20 years are falling apart."

Ankita Lokhande Is Okay Being Friends With Her Ex Sushant Singh Rajput

She had further added, “I feel that couples don’t give importance to marriage, as much as they do to love. Today, the thought process is, ‘Oh! we are in love, let’s live-in together and see how it goes’, because we are giving importance to the feeling of love. When you start living in with a person, over a period of time, you could start losing interest. That’s when you could lose out on important things and marriage is one of those big things. As far as I am concerned, the concept of love hasn’t changed. I still feel the same way when I am in love.”

Ankita Lokhande Is Okay Being Friends With Her Ex Sushant Singh Rajput

Post their breakup, rumours were rife that Ankita has found love in a rich businessman, Vicky Jain until she confirmed 'being in love' very recently with Bombay Times and stated, “He is a very nice guy. He is a businessman from Bilaspur. Yes, I am in love and you will get to know about it when the time is right (laughs!).” About marriage, she further stated, “Love is really important for me, because I believe in it. I believe in giving love to everyone, including my family, dogs and myself, and not just the person I get married to. Relationships are very important, because that’s the bond you share with someone and that’s how love grows between people. Marriage has always been my dream. I have always wanted to get married. But at this point, my priorities have changed. I am really looking forward to more films.” (Also Read: Radhika Apte Talks About How She And Her Husband Benedict Taylor Settle Their Fights)

Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput

Ankita and Sushant, we can’t wait to see you guys back on the screens soon! What say, guys?

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