Dear Bride-To-Be, Here Are 10 Stunning Getting Ready Shots That You Must Have In Your Wedding Album


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Dear Bride-To-Be, Here Are 10 Stunning Getting Ready Shots That You Must Have In Your Wedding Album

There might be hundreds of shots of a bride, all decked up and dazzling in her bridal avatar.

But, what about the pictures of those transitioning moments from a lady to a bride! In simpler words, it is the bride getting ready for her D-day. Those shots actually reveal the excitement and the eagerness of a bride in-the-making.

The shots that reveal her eyes which are glued on the mirror and her heart which is beating fast to meet her sweetheart are simply priceless.

Image Credit: Happy Frames Photography

Going down the memory lane, these shots will be the one which will bring a sweet smile on your face. Take a look at these shots and make sure you include them in your wedding album!

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#1. Ready-to-Get-Ready Pose

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

Whether the wedding is in evening or early in the morning, a bride is always fresh when she is about to get ready for her bridal avatar. And this makes a must take-shot. Soon the beautiful lady will be transformed into a picturesque bride.

#2. The Joy In The Eyes Pose

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

If only eyes could speak. It is the happiest day in the life of a bride and the happiness can be seen in her sparkling eyes. The eyes which are full of dreams and aspirations for a fulfilled married life and it must be captured without fail!

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#3. The Shringar Pose

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

How about a click of a bride wearing her precious ornaments or getting into her wedding trousseau? This is the one of those days when the bride is going to be decked up from head to toe and grab all the eyeballs.

#4. The Glowing Bride Pose

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

They say that even if you do not apply makeup or shine those camera lights on a bride, she is still going to glow. The glow comes from within, which is an outcome of the immense happiness and satisfaction she feels on the day.

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#5. Wearing The Bangles Pose

Image Courtesy: Dino Jeram Photography

Those hands clad with henna and its magnificent colour, the tinkling and colorful bangles, those shinning nails and the picture perfect ring. Do we need to say more? Bangles/chooda is a bride’s priceless possession and it makes her feel special!

#6. The Butterflies In The Stomach Pose

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

The bride is ready now and about to embark on her new phase in life. The real nervousness starts now. She looks happy and cheerful outside, but is nervous inside. Let the camera capture her anxiety and happiness at the same time.

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#7. The Final Touch Pose

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

The final touches are so important. Fixing of a hair coming out or darkening the lipstick shade or arranging the saree pallu properly; whoa! These are some tense moments.

#8. The Last Lap

Image Courtesy: Click Sutra 

The bride wants to run to her groom as fast as she can. But wait! Where are those Cinderella sandals? A pose showing your much loved stilettos needs to be in the album.

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#9. Am I Looking Like A Diva Pose

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

A bride looking at the mirror again and again and getting mesmerised is so normal. She may not say but she definitely knows she is looking nothing short of an absolute diva.

#10. The Selfie Pose

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Going by the trend, a selfie is must. How about a selfie with your makeup and dressing team or even a solo selfie? A picture of a bride taking a selfie is the most in thing.

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Well, these were some gracious and natural moments of a bride in making. Did you like them? Do let us know which one is your favourite pose.

Cover Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography