Smriti Khanna Radiates New Mommy Goals As She Twins With Her Baby Doll, Anayka

The new mommy, Smriti Khanna is enjoying every second of nurturing her little girl. Check out her adorable twinning picture with her baby doll!


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Smriti Khanna Radiates New Mommy Goals As She Twins With Her Baby Doll, Anayka

A woman's life makes all the sense, the moment she holds her tiny little doll inside the delivery room. Being a baby girl's mother is a gift, every mom wants. After all, a daughter is just a little girl that grows up and becomes her best friend. The nine-month are just the trailer of her life ahead and once the baby enters her world, everything changes from her sleeping routine to her body to whatnot. And television actress and new-mommy, Smriti Khanna did exactly the same as she had tried recording every beautiful moment of her nine-months pregnancy journey. (Recommend Read: Hardik Pandya Mocking Natasha Stankovic As She Calls Him 'Jigar Ka Tukda' Is Why They're The Cutest)

Smriti Khanna, who had married her co-star, Gautam Gupta in 2017, had embarked the journey of parenthood in April 2020 with the arrival of their little girl. Since then, the new parents Instagram feeds are filled with adorable pictures of their little angel. On May 5, 2020, Smriti had taken to her Instagram handle and had revealed her angel's unique name, Anayka which means powerful.

Smriti Khanna, Gautam Gupta and Anayka

On June 3, 2020, Smriti took to her Instagram handle and posted a picture with her baby doll, Anayka. In the picture, we can see the mother-daughter duo twinning in black dress and matching red tic-tac hairclips. Alongside it, Smriti wrote, "Twinning with my baby doll. Thank you Reyo for this cute dress you sent for your sister." Check it out below:

Recently, in an interview with The Times of India, Smriti had talked about weight loss and postpartum depression. She had shared, “I have realised that even if you speak good on social media and educate people about pregnancy and mother, haters will still troll you. I felt that people did not discuss much about pregnancy, weight issues, breastfeeding and I feel these topics should come out openly in our society because there are so many myths and women struggle all their life to lose weight. There are so many times that this becomes a matter of depression for them. They stop stepping out because they are not looking a certain way or not fitting into their dress. Some women are scared to get pregnant. There is postpartum depression and it is a big thing and it is not spoken in India." (Also Read: Suhana Khan And Gauri Khan Spotted Enjoying First Showers Of The Season In Their Plush Balcony)

Smriti Khanna and Anayka

Smriti had further added, "There are so many girls and mothers who have messaged me saying thank you for making pregnancy look so smooth and nice. They tell me they were scared to get pregnant thinking that their body would look a certain way or they will completely go on bed rest and now they feel that pregnancy can be a fun ride too. I feel there will be 10 percent people who will have problems with everything but there will be 90 percent people who were giving blessings to me and my kind which made me feel great. I am just trying to say to my fans that you can do everything in a fit way. People start assuming that agar koi patla hai... toh usne diet shuru kar diya and usko khayal nahi hai bacche ka. If someone gets pregnant, they ask the woman to just be on bed and eat double, no, all these are myths. These are wrong things to do, I am just saying be active during and after your pregnancy. So I just realised I should not bother about trollers are going to troll, I will do my job to spread positivity." (Don't Miss: Namrata Had Shared Same Cuddled-Up Picture With Mahesh As Samantha And Naga On The Same Day)

Well, we love Smriti twinning moment with her little girl!

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