5 Smart Tricks To Trim Down Your Wedding Guest List


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5 Smart Tricks To Trim Down Your Wedding Guest List

Undoubtedly, your wedding would be the most important day of your life. And, you would want all your family members and friends to be with you on this day, and make it the most memorable time of your life. But at the same time, your budget might not allow you to invite each every person you know, to your wedding.

Well, we know that it is a difficult task to chuck out people while making the guests’ list. But at the same time, it also becomes a necessity due to the budgetary constraints. So to help you out, here are some practical tips to trim down your wedding guests’ list.

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#1. Be category wise

Smart Tricks To Trim Down Your Wedding Guest List

While making a list of your relatives, divide them into these categories- immediate family, close relatives, and distant relatives. Now, among all your distant relatives, you need not call each and every one to your wedding. You may call only the ones with whom you and your family are in regular contact. Others can be given a miss, as ‘not being invited’ would not even matter much to them whenever they will come to know about your marriage.

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#2. Take the one-year test

Smart Tricks To Trim Down Your Wedding Guest List

Other than your family members, the next category of people to be included in the list would be your friends and acquaintances. There of course, would be no doubt in your mind while including your close friends in the guests list. But for the rest of them, just think how often you meet them. If you have not met or spoken to them in the last year, then you can chalk them off your list without any guilt. If not being in touch for so long has not been an issue for either of you, then even not being invited to your wedding would not bother them much.

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#3. Invite those who invited you

Smart Tricks To Trim Down Your Wedding Guest List

The next thing you need to see is, if you were invited to their wedding or will you get offended if you would not be on their guest list when they get married? If your answer is 'no', then you may cut their names off and make room for other important people.

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#4. Avoid freeloaders

Smart Tricks To Trim Down Your Wedding Guest List

Many people not only bring their immediate family to the weddings, but they also bring some more people along with them. This can totally disturb your estimated guest count as well as the related arrangements. So, make a note of such people and prefer giving them the invitation, which just mentions their name and does not include their family. Although, it might not be possible with the close relatives, you can do so with the distant relatives, co-workers, neighbours, friends, etc. And if possible, avoid calling such people.

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#5. Imagine your wedding without a particular person

Smart Tricks To Trim Down Your Wedding Guest List

Lastly, the main thing is that you want to be surrounded by all your loved ones on the most special day of your life. If the absence of a particular person on your wedding will make you sad, then make sure you invite them and cut off other less significant people of your list.

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Well, even though some of these tips might sound a little harsh, but at the same time, you have to be careful about your budget. Right? Well, after all it is quite an important thing to be considered. So, to make it the best time of your life, stop worrying about the people who are not that important to you. And, just surround yourself with your loved ones.

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