Brilliant Tips To Secure Your Marriage Against 7 Common Pre-wedding Mistakes


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Brilliant Tips To Secure Your Marriage Against 7 Common Pre-wedding Mistakes

From late bookings to overspending, most weddings often end up with some or the other goof-up. The magnitude of an Indian wedding and its rituals make the whole process quite complex. Therefore, some mistakes are bound to happen. But, fret not! Here are the seven most important things, which one should take care of before saying “I do”. After all, wedding planning should be a beautiful journey and not a nightmare. So, take a look:

#1. Overstressing your wallet

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Weddings are expensive celebrations. As soon as the date is announced, a lot of excited couples go on a shopping spree, without considering their cash inflows. An impulse buying gives a catastrophic blow to their budget plans. The consequences show up later when couples resume their regular responsibilities post-marriage. So, it is best to involve and consult the elders of your family who will guide you in your budget plans.

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#2. Ordering your wedding dress too late

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If you plan to have a custom-made wedding lehenga or sherwani, pre-order is a must. It is advisable to order your wedding attire at least a few months in advance. As most dresses require alterations, just make sure that you have enough time for the fittings and trials.

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#3. Trying out last-minute experiments!

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Trying out a new diet plan to shed those extra kilos at the last-minute is absolutely not advisable. A sudden weight loss can lead to stretch marks as well as hamper your fittings (of your wedding dress). This combined with eleventh hour beauty treatments can lead to undesired results, such as skin rashes, pimples and redness. So, make sure that all parlour sittings are done a week prior to your wedding day.

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#4. Inviting too many guests

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We often tend to invite everybody we are acquainted with in our wedding celebrations. It may sound as a generous gesture, but it is not a practical move. While finalising the guest list, keep a close eye on your budget and the size of venue that has been selected.

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#5. Leaving all paperwork for the last hour

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This mistake is relevant for couples who have made plans for an international honeymoon. All arrangements, such as your passport, visa, bookings and currency exchange should be considered prior to the wedding. Waiting till the last-minute might leave you disappointed.

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#6. Late bookings

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From wedding venue and caterers to photographers and band walas, make sure that everything is booked well in advance, or else you may end up paying extra. Also, you might not get the venue of your choice. If your wedding date falls in the peak season, venue bookings should be done at least six months before the date. Doing so will save you from unnecessary trouble.

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#7. Trying to be a 'jack of all trades'

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No one can plan and single-handedly execute the multiple aspects that go into making a perfect wedding. It requires the help and support of all friends and family members. It is practical as well as economical to delegate various duties to responsible people.

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Keep these things in mind while planning your wedding. After all, marriage is a memory of a lifetime. So, cherish every moment of it minus the hassles!

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