Bigg Boss Contestant Dipika Kakar Called Fake For Crying, Shoaib Ibrahim's Strong Reaction On It


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Bigg Boss Contestant Dipika Kakar Called Fake For Crying, Shoaib Ibrahim's Strong Reaction On It

Bigg Boss 12 contestant Dipika Kakar is one of the toughest competitors of this season. While she is playing her game quite well, many of her co-contestants are not liking her and calling her with names. Every now and then, Dipika is seen being the target of the vichitra jodis. Some have called her mean, some have called her bossy, and now, Dipika was recently is accused of being fake for crying and her doting hubby, Shoaib couldn’t take it. (You May Also Like: Dipika Kakar Accused Of Being Mean With Jasleen Matharu, Husband Shoaib Ibrahim Defends Her)

Bigg boss contestant dipika kakar husband Shoaib Ibrahim defends her

To give an epic reply to all this, he took to his official Instagram account and shared a video of Dipika crying sitting next to Karanvir Bohra. Along with it he wrote, “Everybody knows that staying away from the family is a tough thing and that too without any communication, and people do understand this thing. It’s difficult, not just for dipi but for anyone who has ever been or will be in such a circumstance that they have to stay away from their family without any communication (not even a single text). They are bound to get emotional and it’s a very strong trait. But however, when it comes to dipi few are saying she is faking it and crying for no reason...why?? Just because she is an actor.”



He further wrote, “So if a person cares for someone, helps someone, is being good to someone and also playing the game with dignity without hurting anyone’s sentiments and emotions, not abusing anyone ..people say, that the person is acting or it’s just that she is an actor so she must be acting. Do actors don’t have emotions? Is it wrong for an actor to care for someone.? Is it wrong for an actor to help someone?? Is it wrong for an actor to cry? Is it wrong for an actor to miss her family?” (Also Read: Priyanka Chopra Flaunts Her Engagement Ring And Calls It The Best Piece From Tiffany)

Bigg boss contestant dipika kakar husband Shoaib Ibrahim defends her

And went on to add, “One can’t control what others say or thinks, but the people who genuinely know her. Know how an emotional person she is like her family, friends and fans. And yes, being emotional will definitely make her stronger in the house and also as an individual. Just want to say @ms.dipika cry if u want to it will make you stronger and always remember, Me, ur family, friends and fans from all over the world love you for what you are and will always love u the same way.. you are making us proud each and every day. #dogetemotional #proudofudipi #actorsdocry.”

Bigg boss contestant dipika kakar husband Shoaib Ibrahim defends her

In fact, some time back, when Dipika Kakar was accused of being mean to co-contestant Jasleen Matharu during one of the tasks, Shoaib came forward to defend his lady-love. At that time also, defending the love of his life and dear wifey, Dipika, Shoaib took to Instagram and shared a clip of the task and captioned it as, “Yes we all are watching..and feeling proud.. they way u are performing the task..yahi toh task tha samne wale ko majboor krna. choice thi samne wale ke paas ya toh qurbani do ya phir nominate ho jao... (isme insaniyat kaha se aayee bhai) great move dippi @ms.dipika well played…P.S:- television ki bahu ab #biggboss me hai.” (Check Out: Prince Narula And Yuvika Chaudhary's Engagement Was A Fairytale, Looked Ethereal In Royal Outfits)



In an exclusive chat with Times Now, when Shoaib was asked if Dipika’s image is in danger given the fact that other housemates are calling her unfair and giving her title, he remarked, “Not at all. People who are not being themselves in the house should be scared and I know Dipika. She is playing herself. Everyone in the house knows that Dipika is a strong contestant, so naturally, they are scared.”

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim babies

He also shared, “Every contestant in the house is aggressive and should be when it comes to tasks. The jodis in the house feel that they can get away with everything and the singles won’t since they will be too conscious of their image. They need to know that this is Bigg Boss and you need to do well in tasks t go ahead in the show.” Adding further, he said, “Recently, during a task, Dipika had given Jasleen (Matharu) a task to save herself and Anup (Jalota) ji from nominations. The whole task is meant to make the opponent give in to your demands and you had a choice to say no. Everyone was negotiating and asking Dipika to make Jasleen just destroy a couple of clothes. So, they think Dipika will give Jasleen an easy task and get nominated for the week? Do they think she is stupid?” (Also Read: Yuvika Chaudhary Looks Stunning On her Mehendi Ceremony, Her Henna Design Has Their Proposal Story)

Bigg boss contestant dipika kakar husband Shoaib Ibrahim defends her

Shoaib also shared that he wants Dipika to stay away from Deepak Thakur. He remarked, “Honestly, I used to like Deepak a lot. But in the recent episode, when he kept instigating Sree against Dipika despite Sree telling him that the conflict is resolved, Deepak kept saying that it cannot get resolved this quickly and he has to take a stand. After that particular incident, I lost all respect for him. It’s not necessary to get two people to fight to play this game. There will be fights in the house every day but there will also be friendships and reconciliation in the house every day. Dipika was mature and smart enough to go talk to Sreesanth herself. She cleared the air around whatever happened and even Sree understood her.”

Shoaib is one doting husband and now we know this much more. He has always stood by his wifey Dipika and we wish them all the happiness in this world.

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