Sharad Malhotra Confirms His Wedding News, Says 'The Fear Of Marriage Connected Him With Ripci'


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Sharad Malhotra Confirms His Wedding News, Says 'The Fear Of Marriage Connected Him With Ripci'

Television’s favourite actor, Sharad Malhotra has won many hearts with his amazing acting skills. He left a lasting impression when he first appeared as a contestant on the reality show, India's Best Cinestars Ki Khoj (2004). Later, he played the character of Sagar Pratap Singh in Banoo Main Teri Dulhan (2009) and with it, he gained a huge fan following. (Recommend Read: Faisal Khan, 21, Reveals Wedding Plans With GF Muskaan Kataria, Families Have Given Approval)

Sharad has made headlines with his too-much-publicised relationships that couldn’t last long. However, the actor is finally ready to take the wedding vows with his new-found love, Ripci Bhatia. He confirmed his wedding news in an interview with Bombay Times, and stated, “Yes, I am getting married in the third week of April in Mumbai.”

The actor, who has always been vocal about his relationships and breakups, shared how he met Ripci. Ssharad said, “When I was introduced to Ripci, I had just come out of a relationship and was going through a difficult phase. Initially, we would just exchange occasional pleasantries on social media. It was only after Ganpati last year that we got talking on the phone, which was after my last relationship ended. What connected us probably was our fear of marriage. In fact, Ripci travelled the world for six years to avoid marriage, as the pressure on a girl at her age was mounting. I would have loved to do that, too, but I was constantly working. It’s only recently that our families got involved after we spoke over the phone for a few days. Both of us instantly realised that this is it and decided to take the plunge.” (Also Read: 'Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega' Actor Rehaan Roy's Vacation With GF Jasmine Roy In Goa, Pics Inside)

For those who don’t know, Sharad has been in long-term relationships, but interestingly he didn’t date Ripci and everything was arranged in an old-fashioned way. The actor shared, “For a change, I didn’t date Ripci. Everything happened in an old-fashioned way for us, as we said a ‘yes’ without meeting each other much. In fact, she asked me recently why we didn’t date before deciding to tie the knot. It just didn’t happen.”

In the same interview, Sharad talked about how things evolved between them, and said, “We didn’t meet with the intention of getting married. I have always feared to take the plunge, as I would freak out thinking about the responsibilities that would come five years down the line. I developed cold feet every time a relationship graduated to the point of marriage. However, after my last relationship ended, I took time out for myself and travelled just to introspect. I realised that bahut bhaag liya. I can either keep running away from a marriage all my life, or get into it, experience it and see for myself if it’s good, bad or ugly. My mother was extremely happy when I gave my nod. Having said that, she didn’t give her approval immediately. She took her time to be sure that I was ready for it, given my colourful past. She feared that I would back out again. But everything happened organically. I would call it an arranged-cum-love marriage.” (You May Also Like: Nick Jonas' Brother Shares Priyanka Chopra Is Not Favourite Of One Of Their Family Members)

Sharad also went on to talk about his past relationships and how he tried to maintain the dignity of it even after it ended. He shared, “No relationship can end on a good note. During the courtship period, your partner seems to be the best person on the planet, but when it ends, he becomes the worst. I have never spoken ill about any woman I have dated. I have had great regard and respect for them even after the relationship ended. Mutual respect and dignity should be maintained, or else it gets into a loop, with both the parties accusing each other. I don’t regret any of my relationships. For me, they were awesome till they lasted and even after that. The other person could get venomous, but that’s human nature. There is a way all of us vent our feelings. I have learnt a great deal from my relationships and I have also matured with time. The phobia stems from the fact that I have seen bad marriages and witnessed how they fail in an ugly manner.”

Sharad, who has been accused of cheating on his ex-girlfriend, talked about the same, and said, “Not all relationships end because one partner has cheated on the other. Sometimes, it could also be a result of the constant nuisance that the relationship turns into or because it's just not working. Marriage is the most important decision of one's life and if you feel you are not with the right partner, there is absolutely no point dragging it. My silence has always been misconstrued and that's precisely why I chose to answer this time. I'm heading into a brand new phase of my life... happy, peaceful and it feels right for the first time.” (Don't Miss: Sara Ali Khan And Her 'Crush' Kartik Aaryan Share Passionate Lip-lock On Love Aaj Kal 2 Sets [VIDEO])

Well, we can't wait to see Sharad and Ripci's grand wedding pictures! What about you?

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