Shahid Kapoor Reveals That After His Marriage With Mira Kapoor His Life Has Changed Completely

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor have redefined the meaning of arranged marriages for many of us. Recently, the actor talked about the changes his wife has brought in his life!


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Shahid Kapoor Reveals That After His Marriage With Mira Kapoor His Life Has Changed Completely

There was a time when 'arranged marriages' were considered boring, filled with compromises and no essence of love. We were told that 'ek baar shaadi ho jaaye fir pyaar ho jata', but we never really believed in this saying. We used to always wonder how on this whole earth you can love a stranger and decide 'in a minute' to spend your entire life with them. That's when we were introduced to Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor's arranged love story. (Recommend Read: Shabana Azmi Salutes Spirit Of Javed Akhtar, Congratulates Him On Completing 55 Years In Bollywood)

Yes, the charming hunk of the Tinseltown, Shahid had gotten married in an arranged setup and his now-wife, Mira was introduced to him in a rishta meeting. And the moment we saw them together posing for happy wedding pictures, we knew they have always meant to be and it was destiny that brought them together.

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor

Shahid was a completely different man before marriage and the actor himself agrees with it. Recently, in an interview with the Hindustan Times, Shahid talked about the changes marriage and kids have brought in his life. He said, "It’s like a wild horse that used to be free in the wild. But for four years, he has been domesticated. So, my self-image has completely changed. I’m a domesticated horse now (laughs). On a serious note, your sense of identity becomes different before marriage as compared to when you have children and wife to come back home to. Then, it’s not just ‘you’ anymore, but more about ‘us.’ I think once you get there, then it’s difficult to get back to ‘you’ in terms of how you even think about life. Your thoughts and decision making a transition from ‘I, me and myself’ to ‘us’. I think that’s a big change."

Mira Kapoor

Ever since Mira entered the film city, there have been speculations of her joining the showbiz. In the same interview, Shahid cleared the air surrounding it, and has shared, "Wherever, whatever, however – that’s completely her decision. We got married and within first year, we had our first baby and then two years later, we had another one. So, right now, it’s difficult for her to give her time completely to anything else rather to herself. I can see how dedicated she is as a mother, and she is completely consumed by that. But she is just 25. In another year or so, she would have taken care of an extremely important, big part [giving all the attention to the babies]. She has all her life to figure out so many things for herself. Then she can do what she wants to." (Also Read: Koena Mitra Opens Up About Her Abusive Relationship With Turkish Boyfriend, Mett Merral In Bigg Boss)

Shahid also talked about fatherhood and stated, "You forget yourself to a large degree since you are so much in love with your kids, and just observing how they grow every day. It’s so fascinating and beautiful that you feel very satisfied. Nahi to life mein it’s like, ‘mujhe yeh karna hai, mujhe woh karna hai.’ Also, when kids are young, they are available to you. So, I would want to spend as much time as possible with them because I know after a point, they won’t have time for me, even if I have all the time for them. So, sitting at home after Kabir Singh was possibly a good thing as I got time for my children."

Last month, in an interview with the Vogue magazine, Mira had finally answered the question of her 14-year age difference with husband, Shahid. She had shared, "His fluidity towards life is another quality I love. It’s helped me ease up a lot. He’s lived longer, so if anything, I can benefit from his experience, and he can benefit from my fresh perspective."

In another interview, Mira had talked about the concept of arranged marriage, and had stated, "Why not (go for an arranged marriage)? You have to meet someone in some way! It worked for us so beautifully because both of us laid our cards in the open in the beginning. We were ourselves. There was a different kind of discovery after marriage but there was no negative surprise. I understood the role I had to take and he (Shahid) understood that he had to become a part of my life. Both of us have given and taken a lot of each other and we have become more wholesome. It’s two halves that make a whole." (Don't Miss: Priyanka Chopra's Brother, Siddharth Chopra, Wishes Rumoured Girlfriend By Posting A Cute Picture)

Well, we love Shahid, not just as an actor, but also as a perfect family man! 

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