Salman Khan Got Upset As His Video Dissing Vicky Kaushal Went Viral, Here's How He Cleared The Air

Salman Khan has been in the news ever since the video of him dissing Vicky Kaushal at the IIFA event went viral. Here's how he tried to mend things with Vicky in front of the media!


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Salman Khan Got Upset As His Video Dissing Vicky Kaushal Went Viral, Here's How He Cleared The Air

Bollywood actor, Salman Khan is currently attending the IIFA 2023 ceremony in Abu Dhabi. The actor left his fans impressed with his new French beard look at the event and got showered with love. However, for the last few days, Salman is in the headlines for dissing Vicky Kaushal and staring at him at the event in a viral video. While Bhaijaan cleared the air about the same by hugging Vicky on the green carpet, the latest reports claim that he was upset with the way things were portrayed in the media.

Salman Khan is upset after being accused of dissing Vicky Kaushal at IIFA Awards

According to a report in India Today, a source close to Salman Khan shared that the actor tried to have a chat with Vicky Kaushal at the event, but his security team forced him to leave the venue. Citing the reason behind the same, the source added that the actor had to follow the security team’s protocols due to the death threats against him. The source was quoted as saying:

“Salman’s security has a certain protocol arrangement ever since he has got death threats. It means that he has to be escorted from point A to point B in a designated matter of time especially when he’s in the middle of a public crowd. The first video where what looks like an angry Salman glaring at Vicky was in fact a follow up to a moment, they had backstage. They had briefly exchanged hellos which were very pleasant and not awkward at all."

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The source further told the publication that the viral video was a follow-up of the interaction that Salman and Vicky had earlier. However, when Salman came out of the event, his security was in a hurry to take him out of the venue safely so the actor couldn't stop to have a dialogue with Vicky. The source said:

"When Salman came walking out, his security had to literally make way because there were a lot of managers and other security members for actors blocking his way. That’s the reason why SK didn’t stop and had to continue walking. In fact, you can even see the two trying to have a dialogue, but security took Salman away from him."

The insider added that Salman and Vicky share a cordial relationship and they have met each other plenty of times. However, this time, things took an awkward turn after the video went viral. Talking about the same, the source mentioned that Salman was upset that his meeting with Vicky was depicted in a negative way, so he hugged the latter at the event to fix the situation. The source added:

“This is not the first time Salman and Vicky have met. They have a cordial relationship and Vicky always gives him respect and addresses him as a senior. So, it was awkward for both of them when the video went viral. Salman even asked his team to check if he could meet Vicky and clear out any air, hence when he saw him on the carpet he went and hugged him in front of the entire media to clear any confusion.”

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sallu and vick

Viral video of Salman Khan's bodyguard pushing Vicky Kaushal and stopping him from meeting Bhaijaan

For the unversed, it was on May 26, 2023, when a video of Salman Khan's bodyguard pushing Vicky Kaushal away took the internet by storm. The video showed Salman arriving at the IIFA event while Vicky was busy taking selfies with some fans. However, as soon as Vicky noticed Salman and went to greet him, Bhaijaan's bodyguards blocked him. Soon, the video went viral, and fans slammed Salman for his rude behaviour against Vicky. 




Watch the video here.

Vicky Kaushal's reaction to the viral video of Salman Khan's bodyguard pushing him away

After the video of Salman dissing Vicky went viral on the internet, the latter finally reacted to it. During his interaction with the media on the green carpet, Vicky shared how things transpired wrongly and added that sometimes things are not the same as they appear. Calling such reports pointless and unnecessary chatter, Vicky stated:

"A lot of times there is unnecessary chatter about things. There’s no point about it. Things don’t actually are as they seem in the video. There is no point in talking about that.”


To watch the video, click here.

What are your views on the viral videos featuring Vicky and Salman from IIFA 2023? 

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