Rangoli Chandel Thanks Her 'Chotu', Kangana Ranaut For Helping Her After The Horrific Acid Attack

Kangana Ranaut's sister, Rangoli Chandel has been a victim and survivor of acid attack. Recently, Rangoli opened up about how her sister, Kangana helped her after the horrific acid attack.


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Rangoli Chandel Thanks Her 'Chotu', Kangana Ranaut For Helping Her After The Horrific Acid Attack

A person is lucky if he/she is blessed with a sister. For a few, it's hard to understand the connection that one shares with his/her sister. From sharing clothes (read steals) to being each other’s secret keeper, a sister will always be your best friend and a critic at the same time. She will protect you from all the troubles and will hold your hand while you cross the most difficult road of your life. She will be by your side when everyone will turn their face away from you. She will hide your deepest secrets from everybody but at the same time, will blackmail you for the things she will need. She will support you, protect you, guide you, motivate you, and will love you unconditionally without demanding anything in return. Such is a bond with a sister, it needs no synonyms to understand. (Recommended Read: Vishal Aditya Singh Confesses His Love For Ex, Madhurima Tuli Post Her Eviction From 'Bigg Boss 13')

In B-town we have seen many sisters bond and have learned a lot from them. Whether it’s Alia Bhatt- Shaheen Bhatt or Malaika Arora- Amrita Arora, these divas have proved that it’s always sisters before misters. From standing by your side in difficult times to celebrating your little victories, a sister proves to your best confidant. And Kangana Ranaut also has a confidant in her sister, Rangoli Chandel. Kangana, who has crafted her own niche in the male-dominating industry is known for her bold choices and outspokenness. She has made many statements that have led her to problems, but her sister, Rangoli has always stood by her and has given the critics and trolls a befitting reply whenever they have tried to go against Kangana.    

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Rangoli Chandel is a brave acid attack survivor, who has been speaking and motivating girls to speak up and stand up for themselves. Recently, in an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, Kangana had revealed how she did tacky films to support her sister’s treatment after the acid attack. To thank her sister, Kangana for helping her after the attack, Rangoli had taken to her Twitter account and have written words of appreciation for her sister. Rangoli wrote, “I can never pay back what you did for me, at that tender age you were just 19 years old the horror of that accident even our parents couldn’t take they used to see my face and just faint they left but you stood by my side washed my wounds, worked day and night to pay for my treatment, and then after years struggle when things got better you buried your face in my lap and cried. I am glad you did cause strongest people most often forget to share their pain... thank you Chotu.”     

Recently, Rangoli Chandel had shared her story of acid attack on her Twitter account and had written, “My attacker’s name is Avinash Sharma, he was in the same college as me, we were in the same friend circle, he proposed to me I started keeping distance I didn’t share same feelings, he would tell people someday he will marry me. When my parents got me engaged to an Air Force officer, he became very persistent about marrying me when I retaliated, he threatened me to throw acid on me, I brushed such threats aside and never told my parents or went to cops this was the biggest mistake of my life.” (Suggested Read: Akshay Kumar Taking His Mom To Her Favourite Place In The World Is Every Mom's Wish From Their Son)


Rangoli’s tweet could be further read as “I was sharing PG house with four girls, a young stranger came asking for me my friend vijaya said someone asking for you I opened the door, he was carrying a jug full of (acid)...and just then in one second CHAPPAK.”


In an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, the Tanu Weds Manu actress, Kangana Ranaut had opened up about taking below-average films during the initial stages of her life for her sister, Rangoli Chandel’s treatment after her acid attack. Speaking about the struggling phase, Kangana had revealed that she did below-average films and guest appearances to bring in the best surgeons on board for her sister, Rangoli, who had undergone 54 surgeries after the attack. She had further stated that her struggling period has made her the strong woman she is.

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On March 23, 2019, Kangana Ranaut had ringed in her 32nd birthday and her sister, Rangoli Chandel had flipped through the old family pictures and had posted a throwback picture of baby Kangana. She had taken to her official Instagram handle and had wished Kangana by writing, “Her soul is made up of wild flowers, that’s why she chose the month of spring, when the earth laughs in bloom!! Happy Birthday to my adorable sister!! Love u a lot #Springbaby #KanganaRanaut.” Kangana, once in an interview with the Telegraph had talked about her siblings and had said, “Haan. jo kahin ke bhi nahin hote hai! (Laughs) My sister (Rangoli) and brother (Akshat) have a lot of childhood pictures, but I hardly have any. I have to look for my pictures as a kid in some relatives’ wedding album or something…. When I was born, it was like, ‘Achha, chalo.’" (Must Read: Shoaib Ibrahim And Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim Enjoy 'Just The Two Of Us' Moment In A Sunkissed Picture)


We wish Rangoli Chandel and Kangana Ranaut, all the best for their future endeavors!

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