Rajeev Sen On What Made Him Call Off Divorce With Charu Asopa Few Hours Before Signing The Petition

Rajeev Sen revealed why he changed his decision to divorce Charu Asopa a few hours before signing the petition. Check out!


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Rajeev Sen On What Made Him Call Off Divorce With Charu Asopa Few Hours Before Signing The Petition

After months of blame games, Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen recently called off their divorce for the sake of their little munchkin, Ziana Sen. Though it’s a good news that the couple has decided to give love another chance, a lot of people are confused about how did they go from alleging each other of cheating to happily posing for pictures on Ganesh Chaturthi. 

Clearing the air, Rajeev, in his recent vlog, opened up about what made him change his decision a few hours before signing the petition for separation at the family court. Not only this, but he also hinted at his hidden love for Charu, which made him go weak in the knees. 

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In the vlog shared on his YouTube channel, former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen’s brother, Rajeev Sen agreed that his marriage with Charu Asopa had been facing trouble for the last 3 years. He shared how at the eleventh hour, he and Charu changed their decision of divorce. Rajeev can be quoted as saying:

“I do know a lot of people out there are wanting to know how Charu and Rajeev have reconciled and are back together after going through so much. We were going to part ways and how did they get back with each other. How did this happen? There is something called a miracle and I would want to use this word because I firmly believe that Charu had given up and then I don’t give up that easily but then I also gave up seeing what was happening. We were literally hours away from signing our petition in the family court for separation. By the grace of God it did not happen.”


Every relationship goes through ups and downs, but what’s important is to stand firm beside your partner during the trying times. Instead of fighting with each other, Rajeev and Charu decided to fight with the problem for the sake of their daughter. And because of a mature decision, little Ziana got both her mother and father back, along with the hopes of a beautiful future together. In his words:

“Ziana, our beautiful daughter, got her father and mother back together. Rest is pretty much history. I would like to tell this to my well wishers especially for those who are having problems in their marriages. Of course, every marriage does go through its ups and downs and there’s no perfect marriage for anyone.”


Further, the doting hubby stressed the importance of not giving up on your partner. Rajeev revealed that since the beginning, he has been handling his fights with Charu with great care. For Rajeev, his patience and calm mind have paid off and somehow helped him to save his marriage. He said:

“There are couples who show they are happy but they are not happy, then there are couples who fight openly. My message is always simple and clear, always fight it out in a positive way and never give up. Somewhere I feel I never gave up on Charu and that really paid off. I can clearly feel that this is God’s calling and his wish, we should not part ways. This is where we are today and we’ve gotten back stronger.”

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Sometimes couples stay in a relationship for their children. However, as a result, kids grow up in a toxic environment, seeing them fight every day, abusing each other and making their home a place no less than hell. Addressing the same, Rajeev revealed that one of the reasons behind keeping their marriage is Ziana, but the other one is his immense love for Charu. Rajeev has always loved the actress with all his heart, and in his vlog, he talked about the same and stated:

“It’s not like now Ziana is in our life, so we are making sacrifices. Of course, Ziana is the most important thing in our life, but it is not only about Ziana, it is also about Charu and me. To give love and affection and the right kind of upbringing to Ziana, it is very important that the love Charu and I’ve for each other should be intact.”


We wish a happily ever after to Rajeev and Charu! 

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