Prince And Yuvika Met Due To This Famous Person, But He Was The Last Guest To Attend Their Wedding


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Prince And Yuvika Met Due To This Famous Person, But He Was The Last Guest To Attend Their Wedding

The much speculated wedding of Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary finally took place on October 12, 2018. Two days prior to the wedding, internet was flooding with pictures and videos of rituals of their wedding and pre-wedding. Privika’s wedding is an exemplar of a typical Indian wedding with all the festivities and rituals in proper order. (Do Read: Priyank Sharma Arrived With Alleged Girlfriend, Benafsha Soonawalla To Prince And Yuvika's Wedding)

Prince and Yuvika had met in the Bigg Boss 9 house and have been inseparable since then. Longtime friend, Vikas Gupta has been very close to the couple even before he joined the show as a contestant on Bigg Boss 11. Remember how, in one of the episodes of the show, Vikas spoke about Prince and Yuvika’s wedding with Hina Khan? Speaking to Hina, Vikas had shared that the couple is planning to get married by the end of 2017 and early 2018. Here’s the video:



Better late than never, Vikas’s words came true when Privika tied the knot yesterday. The actor who was in Lonavala on the day of the wedding tried really hard to get to the wedding and finally made it there! Sharing adorable pictures from the same, Vikas wrote, “Well there are no points in guessing who was the last guest to the wedding but I did manage to see them on their wedding and how happy it made me seeing you married @princenarula from the boy that I met who came to mumbai to this responsible man , so so proud of you and you are giving us goals now @yuvikachaudhary may you always be laughing and happy like in this moment captured you have made a man out of this boy . May you both live happily ever after #Privika #mereyaarkishaadihai #princenarula #yuvikachaudhary P.S. I am so glad, I made it to your special day. Ab kehte hain naa, some things are written . I am the one who first made you both meet and I was the last guest on your wedding  #Alwaysthere.” Checkout the pictures here:

Prince and YuvikaPrince and Narula

As Vikas’s attendance was dicey at the wedding, his mom went to offer her blessings to the couple. Sharing a picture of his mother with Prince and Yuvika, this is what he captioned the picture as, “Mothers are the best. I am stuck in Lonavala and am not able to come to your big day although I am still trying @princenarula @yuvikachaudhary. mums there to bless you both and from the entire family and the lost boys , a lot of love and luck and happiness . Yuvika should are looking . May the universe watch over you both always #privikakishaadi P.S. No matter what love and truth will win over all. Love you both.” (Must Read: Prince Narula And Yuvika Chaudhary's 'Saat Phere' And 'Mangalsutra' Ceremony, Videos Inside!)

Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary

Moments ago, Vikas shared the first-ever post-wedding video of the couple in their cake-cutting ceremony, which they sealed with a cute peck on the lips. Sharing a video of the same, Vikas captioned it as, “And it is official Mr & Mrs Narula. Congratulations . May this love makes you both stronger with each passing day #FirstKiss as #husbandandwife #privika #stayblessed P.S., there are benefits of being tha last guest. You get to witness the love and understand what a groom and bride feel when they finally get married and all the guests go away and they advise you to get hitched.” Here’s the video:



Did you know something? While Prince was still inside the Bigg Boss house, his mother had already come to meet Yuvika’s family with the rishta! In an interview with The Times of India, Yuvika also spoke about how destiny played an important role in making them meet. The Om Shanti Om actress shared, “We were strangers inside the Bigg Boss house. While Prince developed a strong liking for me in the beginning of our stay, I wanted to take some time. We fell in love much after the show ended. I even told him inside the house that if he is trying to be pally with me for the ratings, I am the wrong girl.”

Prince and Yuvika

Also, Prince has tattooed Yuvika’s name on his back and has even changed his Instagram name to ‘Prince Yuvika Narula’ but asked Yuvika not to do so. Do you know why? The handsome Splitsvilla winner shared in an interview with TOI, “I changed my handle in March; it’s just that people noticed it only recently. Why should only women change their names after marriage? I am the other half in this relationship. Also, I fell in love with her first and so, I should contribute equally if not more. I didn’t add her name to mine for publicity. In fact, I got her name inked on the back of my neck in February. If I were seeking publicity out of it, I would have done it on Valentine’s Day.” (Don't Miss! Prince Narula As A Groom, Rides His 'Ghori' And All Set To Get His 'Dulhania', Yuvika Chaudhary)

Earlier when Prince and Yuvika’s break-up rumours were doing rounds on the internet, the former Bigg Boss winner dismissed all such rumours and had stated, “Yuvika and I are going to be married very soon, so the rumours of our breakup are false. Come on, I have got a tattoo of her name. She supports me 100 per cent in every venture of mine." Prince has totally stood by his words and how!

Aren’t they one beautiful couple? We wish Prince and Yuvika, a lifetime of happiness.

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