15 Perks Of Dating A Shy Girl That You Did Not Think Of Before!


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15 Perks Of Dating A Shy Girl That You Did Not Think Of Before!

Are you hiding your girl from the world because she is shy? Or, are you having second thoughts about dating a girl who is an introvert? Stop being a fool and we will tell you why you are one of the luckiest guys in the world. Here are 15 perks that come only when you are dating a shy girl!

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#1. She will not be dominating

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She will not tell you what to wear and what to eat. Sigh! Can it get any better than this? It can, actually. Read further.

#2. She will not talk much

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Yes, you can talk. She will be an incredible listener. You can share anything and everything, right from your monotonous office gossip, to your stupidest fears, minutest achievements, jokes and daily blabber. She will patiently listen, that too with all her attention, and have no complaints whatsoever!

#3. She will not decide the place

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Be your first date or 10th, birthday, or any other occasion, you can decide the venue as per your choice and convenience. Just do not be mean, think of her preferences as well.

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#4. She will not have a lot of demands

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You do not need to worry about constant wishes and desires that need to be fulfilled. No need to buy her diamonds or take her to the most expensive restaurant in town, if you cannot afford it. Just make her feel special with anything you can manage, she will be happy and would not complain.

#5. She will not talk for long on the phone

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You can save on phone bills, unless you are the one who wants to jabber!

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#6. She is less likely to dump you

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Chances are less that some other guy would be able to steal her away. Shy people seldom make eye contact, making it difficult for others to woo her.

#7. She would be like a mystery or a puzzle

perks of dating a shy girl

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She would not convey all her emotions and would not talk much about her life. Winning her would be like a challenge for you, and men love chasing, right? The relationship would last longer given that there is always scope to learn something new about her. There would be something pleasantly unexpected happening almost every day.

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#8. She would hesitate to question

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You do not need to think of excuses. She will not pester you with a long questionnaire at the end of the day.

#9. She will empathise with you

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She will be more considerate and sensitive towards your emotions. She will understand your problems, have no issues with guys get-togethers, office parties, just about everything. So, you would not have to explain.

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#10. She will not drag you to the dance floor

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Are you a man with two left feet? The one who prefers to stand by the wall and watch others shake a leg? Worry not, you do not need to show her your bad moves and embarrass yourself. She will not force you to dance.

#11. She will not let you spend a lot of money

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She will not experiment with different food in different restaurants, and will not even indulge in a lot of shopping. Bingo! She will not empty out your wallet or bank balance.

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#12. She will always look innocent

perks of dating a shy girl tanu weds manu returns kangana ranaut r madhavan

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Shy girls mostly appear cute and sweet. They are the type you can confidently introduce to your folks right after the first date.

#13. She can be taken care of

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Men have that streak to protect someone. You can easily take care of your girl, and she would love it.

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#14. She will not have ego issues

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Guys generally want to take control in relationships. Shy girls will not really have an issue with that, they will happily adjust.

#15. She is honest

perks of dating a shy girl

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You do not need to play any mind games with her. What you see is what you get.

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Still embarrassed? Hope not! Consider yourself lucky to have such a girl in your life!

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