Parth Samthaan And Disha Patani Are Ex-Lovers? She Broke Up With Him Due To This Unbelievable Reason

Disha Patani and Parth Samthaan were seeing each other for over a year when Disha called off her relationship with Parth and the reason was not her superstardom.


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Parth Samthaan And Disha Patani Are Ex-Lovers? She Broke Up With Him Due To This Unbelievable Reason

Love is blind and doesn’t see any hindrances coming in its way. Have you seen water rush through alleys and streams, determined to reach its destination irrespective of the multiple hurdles that come its way? Well, that is similar to how love operates. When it comes to our favourite celebs, it gives us some sheer inspiration as to how do they manage their work and personal life so smoothly. Apart from work, what largely interests us is how our favourite celebs have been faring in their personal lives. How did their love life look like before they went on to become famous? Are they still dating the same person? Speaking of which reminds us to give you all a blast from the past about Parth Samthaan! (Do Read: Benafsha Soonawalla Finally Speaks The Truth About Her Relationship With Priyank Sharma)

Controversy’s favourite child, Path Samthaan has never escaped headlines, thanks to his jostling professional life and exciting personal life. It was from Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan that we started noticing this dapper 28-year-old and has been in awe of him, ever since. Currently playing Anurag in Ekta Kapoor’s sequel of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Parth Samthaan is rumoured to be dating his co-star, Erica Jennifer Fernandes. Prior to this, a ‘brimming friendship’ was speculated to brew between his and his KHYR co-star, Niti Taylor. But did you know that Parth was apparently dating now Bollywood’s diva, Disha Patani? Want to know more? Read on!

Parth Samthaan

As per reports, Disha Patani and Parth Samthaan were seeing each other for over a year when trouble knocked at the door of their paradise. It was also stated that it was none other than Disha, who had called it off. No, not because of her superstardom, but because she had found out some evidence of her then-boyfriend, Parth dating Ace Of Space host, Vikas Gupta! Though time and again Parth had refuted any sort of linkup rumours with Vikas, the former's now producer, Ekta Kapoor had once confirmed of them being in a relationship.

Disha and Parth

About Parth Samthaan and Vikas Gupta’s dating spree, Ekta Kapoor had once shared with the DNA, “Vikas and Parth were close to each other and were in a relationship. Parth has accused Vikas of touching him inappropriately on December 7, 2013 and 20 days later, he was with Vikas holidaying in Bangkok! I know because I was also there to bring in the New Year. I have seen several videos of him professing his love for Vikas."

Parth and Ekta

In a 2016 interview with TellyChakker, Vikas Gupta had opened up about the rumours surrounding his and Parth Samthaan’s alleged relationship. Bigg Boss 11’s ‘mastermind’ contestant was then quoted as saying, “Parth used my fame and stronghold in the industry to make a mark and gain popularity. I am not sure exactly why but it looks like from the latest turn of events he has been trying to extort money, gain publicity and threatening me to get rid of the past. He and his legal consultants thought I would be easy bait. They thought I will never come out in open.” (Must Read: Mansi Srivastava And Mohit Abrol Have Called Off Their Engagement, End Six-Year-Long Relationship)

Vikas Gupta

Vikas Gupta had also added, “But they were wrong. When the cops sent me a summon, I showed them all the proofs and negated each and every complaint of Parth. They agreed and let me go. That’s why I am here today giving this interview. I thank God that I was wise enough to keep proofs with me (which I will reveal in time to come), or else an innocent man would have been incarcerated because someone wanted a front page article on a paper. Had I molested Parth on December then why did he go partying with me later that month? Would you party with a molester? He is a liar.” About his relationship with Parth, Vikas had added, “I don’t want to talk about the nature of the relationship at this point of time. neither I nor Parth has any obligation to talk about our personal life. I don’t need to answer anyone, I don’t care. But if legalities demand, I will open up, not before that. But I and Parth were very close and I shared a very cordial and warm relationship with him.”


In the same year, Vikas Gupta had shared a very controversial picture on his Instagram handle wherein Parth Samthaan was seen giving a peck to Vikas while lying on the bed. About the same, Parth had then shared, “I have no idea. Why would he even do something which could jeopardize mine and his career, goes beyond my understanding. He leaks out something, the media calls me. Tomorrow I leak out something, the media will call him. How long will this continue? I am of tired of it now.”

Vikas and Parth

A day after Vikas gave his interview in 2016, Parth had revealed to BollywoodLife that he is ‘straight’ and is looking for a girlfriend! This is what he had shared, “I am very much straight. Aap mere ko kisi ladki ko kiss karne ko bolo, main full passion ke saath karunga (laughs uproariously). However, I respect people of different sexual orientations. An individual’s sexual preference should be respected. I am straight and hoping to find a girlfriend soon (laughs).” And God sufficed to this wish (probably)! To sum up the lives of these stars in a nut shell, Vikas Gupta is apparently single, Disha Patani is dating Bollywood superstar, Tiger Shroff and Parth Samthaan is rumoured to be dating his Kasauti co-star, Erica Jennifer Fernandes. (Also Read: Rocky Jaiswal Starts His Own Production House And Names It After His Girlfriend, Hina Khan)

Parth and Vikas

Well, nothing matters if it all ends well! (*wink wink*)

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