Paras Chhabra's Girlfriend, Akanksha Puri Opens Up About Her And Sidharth Shukla's Love Affair

Controversies pertaining to Sidharth Shukla are not taking a back seat and a recent incident has again linked him up with fellow contestant, Paras Chhabra’s ladylove, Akanksha Puri.


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Paras Chhabra's Girlfriend, Akanksha Puri Opens Up About Her And Sidharth Shukla's Love Affair

The thirteenth season of the most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss is living up to the expectations of the audiences by providing them with the desired gossip and masala. Bigg Boss ka ghar promises to provide all the necessary drama and entertainment to the public and provide the mix of everything from masti to dhammal. From budding romance, friendship to fights among the contestants, all the episodes of the show are complete masaledar(Recommended Read: Samantha Akkineni Shares Picture Of Her Happy Place And Her Complete Family And It's Drool worthy)

One of the favourite contestants of the controversies and rumours is Sidharth Shukla. From being called a ’40 saal ka budha’ to ‘an alfa male’, he has been on the target of every contestant for his behaviour. In a recent episode, a tussle between Sidharth and Paras Chhabra has made everyone put on their thinking cap and rewind Sidharth’s linkups with his co-stars. During the fight, Paras had told Sidharth, "I don't understand what yo up to man," to which, Sidharth had responded, "I am sure you don't 'under' 'stand'." Paras had shot back and had said, "Aha, achcha, tabhi toh tumhari wali mere paas hai."

Paras and sidharth

The statement of Paras Chhabra left everyone stunned as never before Sidharth Shukla was linked with Paras’ girlfriend, Akanksha Puri. In an interview with SpotboyE, Akanksha has cleared the air about the same and answered the questions of the public surrounding her rumoured affair with Sidharth. During the interview, when asked to clear the air whether she was dating Sidharth and Paras' statement which hinted on the same, Akanksha has revealed that she thinks Paras was referring to fellow contestant, Shehnaaz Gill and she has moved over from Sidharth’s team to Paras’.

paras and akanksha

When probed further during the interview to clear the status about her relationship status with Sidharth Shukla, Akanksha Puri stated that when Paras gets hyper, he just wants to win and says anything which comes to his mouth. She further added that she knows him for 3 years now. Akanksha further talked about Sidharth and said that she and Sidharth are still in touch and he is there for her. They meet now and then and whenever they meet, they spend some good time. She clarified further and said that they never took their bonding to the dating level. Akanksha revealed that Sidharth was special and will remain special for her.

sidharth and akanksha

During the same interview, Akanksha Puri also talked about Paras Chhabra’s reaction over her and Sidharth Shukla’s equation. Akanksha was quoted as saying, “He hasn't questioned per se. But obviously, boyfriend ko ek possessiveness aa jaati hai when it comes to friends and even colleagues. Paras is a very possessive boyfriend, no doubt. But that's love; possessiveness inculcates when you're in a relationship.” Akanksha also answered the question of whether Paras likes it when she bumps into Sidharth alone somewhere. She stated that yes, unless she is with some common friends and she further stated that as now Paras and Sidharth are not friends, so there’s no question of common friends existing between them. (Suggested Read: Kamya Panjabi Talks About Her Plans On Marrying Shalabh Dang In A Grand Wedding)

akanksha and sidharth

Akanksha Puri and Paras Chhabra’s relationship has been gathering a lot of limelight ever since the latter has entered the Bigg Boss house. While Akanksha has been clearing the air every time someone questions their relationship, it is Paras who has been giving dual statements about his relationship with Akanksha and making us wonder whether they are in a relationship or not. Paras and Akanksha had earlier ended their relationship due to Akanksha’s compatibility issues but later got back together and has been sharing their mushy pictures with adorable captions on their social media handles.

paras and akanksha

During the interview with SpotboyE, when Akanksha Puri was asked whether she confides with Sidharth Shukla about her confused relationship with Paras, she stated, “Sidharth doesn't like to talk such things. He is a very private person. Even when he had relationships, he never shared anything about them with me. Frankly, my friends had made a rule that they won't talk to me about my break-up with Paras as that would only upset me. See the show to realise how private Sidharth is. Take the case of Shefali who admitted to your story of their relationship, but has Sidharth said anything?”

akanksha puri

She further added, “So as I said, I feel Paras was referring to Shehnaz with that statement you asked me about. Lekin shayyad ho bhi sakta hai (that he referred to me). I won't deny that Paras holds a personal grudge against Sidharth aur woh nikal raha hai. Like you have heard link-up rumours about Sidharth and I, he also has heard them. Paras is not fond of Sidharth. You know when he was leaving for Bigg Boss 13, I told him that either you and Sidharth will become best friends or things will worsen between you two. Aur ab dosti hona to kahin se bhi nahin dikh raha.” (Must Read: Mohena Kumari Singh's Royal Vidaai, She Bids Goodbye To Her Home In Rewa, All Emotional)

paras and akanksha

Well with so much drama in the Bigg Boss house, it is difficult for us to decide who is right and who is wrong. What about you?

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