Nora Fatehi 'Disappeared' From An Event Upon Spotting Rumoured Ex, Angad Bedi And Wife, Neha Dhupia?

Nora Fatehi was recently spotted at a cleaning drive in Mumbai’s Mahim beach and that is exactly where saw her rumoured ex-flame, Angad Bedi and then this happened!


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Nora Fatehi 'Disappeared' From An Event Upon Spotting Rumoured Ex, Angad Bedi And Wife, Neha Dhupia?

While many of us take the Tinseltown breakups and patch-ups casually, there are many unfulfilled love stories in this queer land. While some didn’t work out due to differences and fate, many stars are known to simply walk out of their beloved lives before/after becoming successful, leaving their other halves shattered. While we aren’t sure if any of it stands true for Nora Fatehi and her once rumoured boyfriend, Angad Bedi, but we surely do know that there’s no smoke without fire! (Do Read: Dia Mirza And Sahil Sangha Clicked Together For The First Time After They Announced Their Separation)

Indo-Morrocan-Canadian dancer, Nora Fatehi, was once apparently dating Soorma star, Angad Bedi. The duo has multiple pictures with one another and friends and every picture did speak of mounts of feelings. It is said that it was Angad who had left Nora for Neha Dhupia and is now happily settled with her while Nora is single and busy concentrating on establishing her career in the industry. But as they say, you can avoid anything but awkward bumping with exes, and Nora Fatehi too had her share of an ‘ouch’ moment at a latest event.

Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi was recently spotted at a cleaning drive in Mumbai’s Mahim beach. Pragya Yadav (wife of Kedarnath director, Abhishek Kapoor), who works as a social worker had initiated the move and had invited an array of celebrities to take this movement forward. As per a latest SpotboyE report, Nora was doing her share of social good for a few hours but a sudden turn of events led to her disappearance! After spending a good amount of time, Nora suddenly left without informing Pragya as she spotted her rumoured ex-flame, Angad Bedi arrive with his wife, Neha Dhupia! Well, bumping into exes (read rumoured again), is always awkward, right?

beach cleaning Nora

beach cleaning Angad and Neha

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In an interview with the Hindustan Times that came sometime back, Nora Fatehi had cleared that she has moved on from the thoughts of Angad Bedi and how! When asked that if she had congratulated Angad on his wedding with Neha, she had retorted back saying, “Who is Angad? I don’t even know who Angad Bedi is.” Probably to suffice her statement, Nora had soon after, posted a picture of herself on her social media handle, whose caption was speculated to be a hint for Angad that she has moved forward in life or probably it just had depicted her then state of mind. The caption could be read as “Sidetrackin' me when I was good to you. You were somebody I would stand behind” with hashtags, #truth #realtalk #reality #norafatehi #music #new #relate #life #dilbar. Here’s the picture:

Norah Post

Nora Fatehi and Angad Bedi had always been tight-lipped about their relationship. But they were, time and again snapped at parties, social gatherings, birthday bashes, fashion shows and even at Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech’s wedding. Denying their relationship, Nora had shared in an interview with the HT in 2018, “There’s nothing really to say about this because we were never together, to begin with. And I am least bothered by all this stuff [rumours].” She had further shared, “I welcome people into my life. If they are genuine, they will stay, and if not, they might just leave. Hypothetically speaking, that’s their loss. I keep it moving. For me, my work, family and fans are the most important; rest is just there.” (Must Read: Tiger Shroff's Sis, Krishna Shroff Confirms His Singlehood, Says Would 'Set Up' Disha With Aditya)

Norah and Angad

Nora Fatehi had also spoken about a probable breakup in her life sometime back and had shared in an interview, “All girls go through at least once in their life! For me, it was a little bit difficult because it was an unexpected experience and I was broken by it. I lost my drive for 2 months! However, I must say that experience really just transformed me. In between, I had lost hope for a bit in terms of perusing my career but when that breakup happened I got that fire again and I was like let’s go! I am passionate again, I want to work, I want to make my mark, I want to prove everybody wrong and I can’t regret that breakup because if it wasn’t for that breakup, my fire wouldn't have come back and I needed that fire to kind of just explore.”

Nora Fatehi

In an interview (taken at the time when Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia were not married yet), speaking of how she felt about Angad and Neha’s growing closeness, Nora Fatehi had shared, “Honestly, I don’t care about Angad’s closeness to Neha. It really doesn’t concern me and I’ve got better things to worry about”. And had further continued to say, “I don’t care about who is close to whom and who chills with whom when it suits them. I don’t have time for all that. Everything is just fine. And I understand it’s normal for people to be interested in what’s happening in our [actors] personal lives; it’s a part of the package.” When asked that there is no smoke without fire, Nora Fatehi had shared, “I’m not the one creating the smoke and the fire, let’s put it this way. I’ve got my head down working hard while others are chasing other frivolous things.”

Norah and Angad

In a 2016 interview, Angad Bedi had opened up about how he feels for Nora Fatehi. He had then shared, “Yes, we have been getting to know each other over the past year. Nora’s a lovely girl, we have been hanging out in a common group of friends for a while now since we met last year. She is doing some great work and her enthusiasm and positivity inspire me. Let us see how it goes from here.” (Also Read: Shraddha Arya Feels That Her Fans Are 'Still In Shock' Over Her Dating Businessman-BF, Alam Makkar)

Nora and Angad

Guys, do you have any awkward bumping into ‘ex’ story? Share it with us!

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