Nisha Rawal Was Ready To Sweep McDonald's' Floors, Shares Her Friend Amidst Alimony Allegations

Nisha Rawal's close friend talked about the alimony allegations made against the actress by her husband, Karan Mehra. She shared that the actress was ready to sweep McDonald's' floors!


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Nisha Rawal Was Ready To Sweep McDonald's' Floors, Shares Her Friend Amidst Alimony Allegations

Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal had met on the sets of the film, Hastey Hastey, in which she was the actress and he was the stylist. Karan and Nisha had tied the knot in 2012 and were blessed with their little munchkin, Kavish Mehra in 2017. Their married life had looked the happiest until the moment their personal problems came spilling all the way out of their home.

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It was on the night of May 31, 2021, that the problems between Karan and Nisha grew out of hands and the actress had to file a complaint against her husband. Since then, Karan and Nisha have been accusing each other of everything. While Karan said that Nisha is lying and asked him for alimony more than he can afford, Nisha shared that Karan has extra-marital affair and he pushed her on the wall in a heated argument. Nisha also shared that Karan has sold off her jewellery and has been treating her ill for months. Amidst all the allegations, both Karan and Nisha’s friends are coming out in their support.

Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal

Karan had earlier shared that Nisha had demanded “unreasonable” alimony while discussing their divorce. Now, one of Nisha’s close friend, who was also present there when the actress held a press conference, reacted to the alimony allegations by Karan. Nisha’s close friend shared that the actress only asked for alimony for their son, Kavish and was looking for a job for a few months. Sharing that Nisha was ready to sweep floors at McDonald's, her friend said, "I am witness to this. Nisha did not ask anything for herself from Karan. She only asked for her son’s alimony. She wanted him to just take care of the child’s education. She was looking for a job for the last few months and she was ready to work or even sweep the floor at McDonalds."

Nisha Rawal Head Injury

In her press conference, Nisha Rawal too had shared a similar thing regarding the alimony accusations. Nisha had said that she had only asked money for their son, Kavish’s education and had asked Karan to take care of their son’s future and education. She also mentioned that she had told Karan that she will take care of their son’s schooling till the 12th standard and he had 12 years to earn money and sponsor their son’s further studies.  

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Karan Mehra, Nisha Rawal and Kavish Mehra

For the unversed, in an interview with the Hindustan Times, after his bail from jail, Karan Mehra had shared that they were talking about the finance and how we would distribute things and had disagreed on certain points. Nisha had wanted more than what he could give. He had said, 'What you want, I can’t give and what you want, can’t be given'. I explained to her that the pandemic is still here, and who knows what happens tomorrow and I would want to give my son the best."

Karan Mehra

Karan had further shared that now that he is not in a position to give Nisha a lavish life so she wants to separate. He had added, “Today, I am not in a position to give what she wants and this is what I get? Jab lavish life thi, tum enjoy karte the, aaj bura time hai, we have to cope, toh you want to separate. I agreed to separation but to take everything, is not done. Karan ko sadak pe lao aur hume saare paise mile, yeh plan hai. If I give her all what I earn, what will I survive on."

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Karan Nisha

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