Karan Mehra Transferred Money From Nisha Rawal's Account To His, Her Friend, Rohit Shares Details

Nisha Rawal's friend, Rohit K Verma has come out to support her. The designer shared that Karan Mehra has transferred money from the actress' account into his account and also revealed other details!


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Karan Mehra Transferred Money From Nisha Rawal's Account To His, Her Friend, Rohit Shares Details

While we were believing in fairytales, looking at Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal’s love story, the couple was dealing with their issues. It was in May 2021 that the first rumours of trouble in their married life had surfaced online and June 1, 2021, came as a confirmation to those rumours. Nisha Rawal had filed an FIR against her husband, Karan Mehra for hitting her. While Karan had, after getting bail, accused Nisha of fabricating lies, she had later, turned the tables after sharing many inside details of their married life.

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Holding a press conference, Nisha Rawal shared that the 38-year-old actor, Karan Mehra is having an extra-marital affair. She shared that the domestic violence had been going for quite some time now, however, she had decided to stay quiet to save their relationship and for the sake of their son, Kavish Mehra. The actress had shared that Karan had sold her jewellery and was ill-treating her, expecting that she won’t raise her voice. While Nisha has opened up about her ordeal, her friend and designer, Rohit K Verma has come out in her support and has shared some inside details.  

Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal

In a conversation with The Times Of India, Rohit K Verma shared that Karan has been trapped in his own statement against Nisha. Rohit also revealed that Karan has been transferring money from Nisha’s account into his own. The designer said, "Police came and took all the evidence. Karan has got trapped in his own statement that Nisha ran out of the room and banged her head against the wall. Police have receded her statements and they have seen everything because she has all the documents and proofs. How much money Karan has transferred from Nisha's account to his own. Couple of months ago also, he had bashed Nisha but every time she would keep ignoring things. She did it for her 4-year-old son Kavish. My friend has gone through a lot (cries his heart out) I can’t explain."

Karan Mehra

Rohit mentioned that Karan is lying and Nisha left everything for her love. Rohit added, "Karan is lying, it’s not true, have you seen Nisha’s face. Whatever accusations Karan has been making are false and Nisha has all the proof. She has all the documents and all his claims are going to fall flat. If you see Nisha’s forehead she had to get four stitches. Uss ladki ne kya maanga apne bacche ke liye thoda sa paisa maanga na kya galat kiya. (Nisha only asked money for her son). Nisha left her career for love. She was more successful at one point of time when she left her career and got married to Karan. It was a big mistake that she chose love over her career. Even if you don’t get along it’s fine, but at least you can talk to each other politely.”

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Karan Mehra, Nisha Rawal and Kavish Mehra

Sharing that Nisha has given all the proofs of Karan transferring money from her account and how she had tried her best to mend things, Rohit said, “I have all the recordings where Nisha has tried to mend things and told him she is ready to stay with him in a small house also, and forgive his extramarital affair as well. She told him, they can work through social media and earn money. She gave all her jewellery to him. She was sitting with me in front of the cops and for the first time she was giving all the proof that Karan has been transferring all the money from her account to his own. All husband and wife have a feud but they ignore things so that their marriage can work out. Everything is fine, all husbands and wives have problems but you can’t raise your hand."

Karan Mehra, Nisha Rawal and Kavish Mehra

Recalling the unfortunate night of May 31, 2021, Rohit shared, "When he banged her head on the wall, three people were there in the house, the door was open. If you see the pictures of Nisha, no girl can bang her head on the wall like this. We are adults and we know that she is not fabricating the story. What wrong did this girl do? Is she not a good wife, mother? Is she not a good daughter-in-law? She is a lovely girl. She just wanted a settlement for her child. Karan was not agreeing to that and a heated argument took place. Yes, I agree Nisha lost her cool and raised her voice but that doesn’t give Karan an authority to just get up and bang her head against the wall.”

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Nisha Rawal Head Injury

A picture shared by Nisha Rawal's friend, Rohit K Verma!

Rohit further narrated that he was on a call with Nisha’s brother when all of this had happened. The designer added, “Rohit Shethia (Nisha’s brother) was sitting on the sofa and there is a distance between the room and the sofa. But the door was open, so when he banged her head and the sofa was reclining, it took him time to reach there. I was talking to Rohit bhaiya over the phone at that time and he had told me that they are having an argument and if it gets out of hand I will intervene. The moment it happened the phone got disconnected and Nisha’s mother called me up that Rohit please just come home fast, Karan had banged Nisha’s head against the wall."

Karan Nisha

Rohit further shared that Karan never thought that Nisha will speak up and his Shri Ramchandraji image will get destroyed. Rohit stated, "If you see the wall where Karan banged Nisha’s head it has blood. He switched off the camera and wiped the wall's blood stains, no normal person can do that. The door was open and there were three adult members of the family present in the house when the incident happened. So why is he lying? Karan did not know that all this will go out of hand and so far that Nisha will come out and speak finally. And his whole Ramchandraji image that he has will get destroyed completely. We never wanted to wash our dirty linen in public, we all come from respectful families but no man is allowed to raise hand on a woman.”

Nisha Rawal Head Injury

Nisha and Karan were sharing lovey-dovey videos and pictures with each other all this while. When Rohit was asked about the same and why Nisha was tolerating the ill-behaviour, the designer said, "That’s the thing, you have to sometimes let things go because you run your kitchen from that. Whatever the impression people carry, it’s not always true. There’s always two sides of a coin. Karan was like a father to me, I used to call him Karan Papa, but I never knew that he had so much malice against me also. He never liked me as a person, Nisha had told me so many times that he has malice in his heart about you. Aur main Karan Papa kehta nahi thakta tha Puri duniya mein... I have been with Nisha since last night and I will make sure tha she gets justice and her side is heard."

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Nisha Rawal Karan Mehra Family

We wish strength to Nisha and hope she and Karan sort things out!

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